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Corrected entry: The Latina women can't speak a word of English when her son is obviously hurt, yet later in the film speaks relatively good English.

Correction: When people are under a lot of stress, they can easily forget second languages. After the woman has calmed down, she gets her focus back and can remember her English.


Corrected entry: When Mitch is handcuffed to the heater register, he has blood spattered on his face. In one of the deleted scenes his face only has a few small blood spots.

Mister Ed

Correction: If the scene was a Deleted Scene on the DVD, this does not qualify as a mistake. For all we know, the scene could have been deleted for that reason.

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the movie when they are driving down the road Denzel picks up a CB mike and talks into it. Yet when they get to the school you cannot see any CB antennas on the truck.

Correction: He was just joking when he used the CB. It could have been brand new and he hadn't got around to installing the antenna. Or it could have been old and the antenna had fallen or been taken off. Either way, the CB never gets any REAL use in the movie.

Corrected entry: Doesn't it seem a bit far fetched for Anne Heche to grow a heart in 5 minutes? She coldly told Denzel to let his son die, then after hearing a phone conversation, she puts him on top of the donor list.

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Correction: She is very professional and is following the policies set by the hospital. Although she does change her mind after listening to the phone conversation, there are a number of events that help her change. Some are, the strong reaction of all the people around, to what John is doing and the angry, emotional reaction of John's wife towards her (calling her a bitch) and so on. The events taking place around her forces her to realize what she has done.

Corrected entry: At the end of the film, during John Q's trial, his son is sitting in the courtroom with his mother. He is not wearing a mask. Working in hospitals, I know for a fact that anyone who has had a transplant of any kind will always wear a face mask in public.

Correction: People do not have to wear a mask forever just because they have a heart transplant. You hardly ever see anybody with masks on. In fact, I cant remember one person in my whole life that I saw with one. My uncle had a heart transplant a few months ago, and never wears a mask.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the woman who was in the car crash is brought to a hospital, and doctors are checking her organs, when the doctor starts drilling into her, blood splatters all over the cloth covering his mouth. However, he is not wearing protective glasses and if the woman had had a transmittable disease and some blood had hit his eye, he could have been infected.

Correction: She is an organ donor! Why would they be harvesting her organs if she had a communicable disease?

Corrected entry: When John Q. is going to sacrifice his life to save his son, he pulls the trigger on his pistol which is pointed to his head. The pistol goes "click" and he says he has the safety on. Pistols don't make any sound when the safety is on.

Correction: The pistol he has is a Beretta M92F, the trigger can be pulled completely back with the safety on. The safety disengages the trigger, it doesn't lock it. The click was caused by John pulling the trigger so hard and it hitting the inside of the trigger guard. He probably pulled it so hard because he's scared to death.

Corrected entry: In the scene where John Q is sitting at the kitchen table, you can see he is playing with his ring. In the next scene, when he goes to sell the ring, you can see that its his wife's ring, not his.

Correction: There is no indication that the ring John sold is his wifes, mens rings also have diamonds in them. The assumption is, john sold his own ring.

Corrected entry: When John and his wife are selling everything to save their son, John sells his wife's wedding ring. Toward the end of the film, John's wife hugs him and you can see her wedding ring on her finger.

Correction: John does sell his ring, it happened to have a diamond in it. He never gets a ring from his wife

Corrected entry: In the scene where John Q and his wife are sitting across the table from the doctor and administrator (just the two of them) and learning of the need for a transplant, there is one shot from the right in which a third person is seen sitting with the doctor and administrator.

Correction: At the beginning of this scene, as John and his wife are entering the room, you can see the third person is present and remains present throughout the entire scene. She remains silent until after John and his wife leave the room. At that point the person chases them down and gives them advice.

Corrected entry: When Robert Duvall notices that all the other police officers are not there (because they're about to go in through the vents), in the background a SWAT truck is visible, labelled 'CHICAGO POLICE'. Aren't they supposed to be in Montana?

Correction: The whole movie takes place in Chicago. The only part in Montata is when the woman gets hit by the truck.

Continuity mistake: When they bring in the car crash victim (future heart donor), the victim is in perfect condition. No blood, broken bones or anything. Pretty good to have been hit by a truck. (01:32:20)

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Trivia: The scene where George W Bush is speaking about health care while John and Denise are watching TV there is also shot with footage of Al Gore because the election was between the time of shooting and release.

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Question: When John Q and his wife were in the meeting discussing the surgery, Rebecca Payne mentions that they had a little over $1,000 in savings. At the beginning of the movie, his wife's car was repossessed because he couldn't make the payments. Why didn't they use the money in the savings to pay for the car loan to avoid repossession?

Answer: Using the $1000 would only delay their car being repossessed, and they may be much further behind than that in their payments. In that case, their savings would be completely depleted and they'd still have no car.

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