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The Count of Monte Cristo (2002)

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Corrected entry: When Edmund Dantes is arrested by Villefort he gives the letter from Bonaparte to Villefort to read. Villefort breaks the seal (candle wax) to read the contents of the letter. But later it shows Fernand Mandego in a flash back taking the letter out of Edmunds coat breaking the seal and reading the letter. That seal could not be broken twice.

Correction: Neither Mondego nor Villefort actually break the seal, they just lift it from the parchment. If carefully rewarmed, the seal can be reattached.

Continuity mistake: That must be some damn good string that Mercedes wraps around her finger - 16 years and it's not even dirty or frayed. (00:15:00 - 01:51:15)

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Danglar: You presume to demote me?
Morell: Not at all. You're still the first mate of the Pharaon, under Captain Dantes.

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Trivia: Director Kevin Reynolds shot two versions of the scene with Villefort and Monte Cristo, one in which the pistol is loaded and one with the pistol not loaded. The original cut of the film had the loaded pistol, but it was changed after test audiences expressed their preference for an unloaded pistol scenario, thus having Villefort be forced to go to prison and suffer as Edmond had.

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