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Corrected entry: When Landon and Jamie are at school, Landon walks past a table and he is wearing a tech vest. When he walks towards Jamie he's wearing a different shirt.

Correction: If you look at the scene in its entirety, you should pick up on the fact that he has been looking for Jamie over the course of a few days, not just one afternoon.

Corrected entry: When Jamie and Landon first go to the graveyard to look at the stars, Jamie's face is pale. In the next shot she has makeup on.

Correction: Mandy Moore stated that the play scene is the only time she had makeup on throughout the film.

Corrected entry: At the very beginning of the movie when the group is standing around their cars, Tracie calls the guys "animals," but if you watch her lips, you can see her say "assholes." When you watch the movie with the 'Adam Shankman/Mandy Moore/Shane West' commentary on, you will find that they had to change things around a bit, in order to fit the rating. Thus, the reason behind overwriting her original words. (00:01:54)

Correction: I think you were watching the television friendly edit, because in the original movie and the version that you get when you buy it, there is no overdubbing and she says "assholes."

Corrected entry: Unless he drove her one hundred miles or more, Beaufort is nowhere near the Virginia border, as it is at the southern tip of the Outer Banks in the central coast.

Correction: That's the point - he's being romantic. He probably drove for miles for her.

Corrected entry: Mandy Moore says she can see Pluto through her telescope. Pluto is much too far away to be seen with a backyard telescope. It's only possible with large telescopes in observatories.

Correction: When she asks Landon what he wants to see, he says "pluto". She replies "Pluto only rises a few minutes before the sun." She never says she can see Pluto.


Corrected entry: After Landon's accident he hobbles into the kitchen (no crutches) and tells his mother that his leg hurts. Later he's on one crutch (I think his friends stole the other- they make you think they did). Then he drives Belinda home in a scene that really made no sense in the plot to the movie (I can't remember if this is before or after the janitor scene). Yet later he has 2 crutches and can't drive himself home from play practice ("Hey Jamie-you feeling Christian?") Is it just me or do his injuries get worse?

Correction: After play practice his friend was meant to pick him up and drive him home but he didn't turn up. That's why he needed jamie to drive him home, not because he can't drive.

Corrected entry: Jamie says she was diagnosed with leukaemia two years ago, and that she wasn't responding to treatment, which means she had some in the first place. Both chemotherapy and radiotherapy would cause her hair to fall out, but Jamie has really long hair only two years later, and there is never any indication of it being a wig.

Correction: First, there are lovely human hair wigs available that allow the wearer to look completely natural. Case in point, when Robin Roberts, a Good Morning America anchor, lost her hair while battling breast cancer she wore a wig on air that was so flattering that many viewers had no clue it was a wig. Second, treatment for leukemia can also include monoclonal antibody therapy (such as Gemtuzumab) or immunotherapy, not just chemo and radiation.

Super Grover

Corrected entry: West and Moore were forced to do several takes of the shot where Landon gives Jamie a tattoo, because it kept peeling off only partly, leaving some of the tattoo still on the paper.

Correction: Lots of props don't work quite right when you're trying to shoot a movie, requiring multiple takes. It's not trivia. Most of the shots in the movie required more than one take.

K.C. Sierra

Corrected entry: Check Jamie's outfit on the day of the first tutoring. Then her picture in the yearbook. They're the same, her hair too. And she wears the same shirt later when Landon asks her to help with the play.

Correction: A major point in the film is that Jamie wears similar clothing everyday and here hair the same way. She possibly doesn't have many clothes since she comes from a lower class family.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Landon is building the telescope, Jamie's father looks out the window at him, wearing a blue shirt. When he comes outside to bring Landon a light and something hot, his shirt is white.

Correction: While Jamies father is looking out the window, you can see he is wearing his PJ's & a dressing gown. When he later walks out into the backyard he is wearing normal clothes. It was just a simple clothing change, since Mr. Sullivan didn't want to go outside while wearing pajamas so decided to change before speaking to Landon.

Corrected entry: All the way through the film, Jamies' fringe appears and disappears from scene to scene (see the part where she's in hospital at the end...she doesn't have a fringe, but for most of the start, she does) and when she sings the song in the play, her hair is all in curls-so where is her fringe?

Correction: In the hospital scene, you can see that her fringe has been swept to the side. Once again, while Jamie is performing in the school play, if you look hard enough you can see that her fringe has once again been swept to the side & hidden within the rest of the curls.

Corrected entry: During the end of "Only Hope" when Mandy sits back down at the table, she is wearing a necklace. After a few shots between her and Shane West the necklace is gone.

Correction: The necklace is still there. It's just a little hidden under her hair.

Corrected entry: As Jamie is looking through the bigger telescope at the comet, it is very slowly moving off to the right. Then when Landon looks through, the comet is in the same place from where it started when Jamie saw it.

Correction: When Landon looks in the telescope, his view begins right where Jamie's view ended... so it is a continuous track. However the time that elasped between Jamie's view and Landon's view the comet should have been a bit further out.

Corrected entry: When Landon brings Belinda to her home he is drivng, but the shot before where Jamie is showing the star frame to the kids he couldn't walk because of his feet. So if he couldn't walk, how could he drive? Also when Eric drives to the school for the practice, he couldn't walk either and that was after he drove Belinda home.

Correction: Landon's left leg is hurt (as seen as he is hopping/running to Jamie in the graveyard). But you drive with your right leg (assuming your not in a car with manual transmission).

Corrected entry: Take a look at the end when Mr. Sullivan said "you were her miracle." When Mr. Sullivan walked into the room, there was a wedding picture on the fireplace mantel. In the next scene, behind Landon (on the table) the picture is now there instead of the fireplace mantel.

Correction: when Landon is first led into the room by the housekeeper, you can see there are two pictures, one on the table and one on the fireplace mantel. it is easy to spot, as there is a wide camera shot when he walks in, and you can see the whole sitting area.

Corrected entry: In the beginning of the scene where Landon's mother is cutting the lettuce the bowl that she is using is metal, after they show it again it is a brown wooden bowl.

Correction: if you take a good look you can actually see that both the wooden and metal bowls are on the table when Landon's mum is ripping up the lettuce. The different angles make it look like the bowls are different, yet the metal bowl is behind the wooden bowl. When the camera is back on Landon's mum you can see the wooden bowl next to the metal bowl.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Mandy Moore is walking to the car with Shane West outside of the school, you can see the Texas flag on a pole in the background. In this scene flag has the red stripe on top, so the flag is flying upside down. The white stripe should be on the top.

Correction: The movie was based in North Carolina and that state's flag is similar to the Texas flag but has the red stripe on top. Also, the Texas flag has a single star to the left where the North Carolina Flag has a seal of some kind.

Correction: They live in North Carolina, not Texas.

Corrected entry: After Landon gives Jamie the pink sweater, he talks to his mother while she rips up a piece of lettuce for a salad. In one part, she starts to tear up a big piece, and when she is around halfway done, the scene cuts to in front of Landon and she is just throwing the last bits in.

Correction: You can see her reach with her right hand to pick up another piece to rip up, so it wasn't the same piece.

Corrected entry: When Landon walks up to Jamie and asks for help, Jamie closes her locker but doesn't lock it, yet the lock is firmly in place when they walk away.

Correction: When Jamie closes her locker, the lock is already in the locked position. (That's why the locker didn't close all the way).

Audio problem: When Jamie is looking through the telescope Landon built for her, the second time she says, "Come here. Come look. Quick," is looped because her lips are hardly moving. (01:31:25)

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Jamie: Are you trying to seduce me?
Landon: Why? Are you seducible?

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Trivia: After the play, on the front porch of Jamie's house, Landon arrives and gives her a pink sweater. At one point in this scene, you can see the red lights of a car pass from left to right behind Jamie. That is a real police car in the middle of a real car chase! You can hear more about this on the commentary with Shane West, Mandy Moore, and director Adam Shankman on the DVD.

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Question: Who was Jamie's maid of honor at the wedding? I was reading some discussion on imdb and the comments seem to indicate that it was Belinda since neither she nor Dean's girlfriend were seen sitting in the pews with Dean, Eric et al. One shot does briefly show a blonde girl holding the bouquet of flowers.

Answer: Belinda was Jamie's Maid of Honor.


Answer: It was the drama teacher.

Answer: I think it is Landon's dad's new wife.

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