Joe Somebody

Continuity mistake: After Joe picks his daughter up from her mother's, they drive into Minneapolis. While Joe is talking to his daughter, you can see Macaroni Grill and Galyns out the window as they drive past. After a quick shot of the daughter, when the camera is back on Joe, if you look out the car window again, they are passing the same establishments.

Continuity mistake: When Joe is taking his daughter to school, he turns the steering wheel to the left to pull into the parking lot. In the next shot, he is driving straight but the wheel is at the same angle.

Continuity mistake: When Joe has parked on Meg's parking spot at her new job, he's talking to her while she's sitting in the car. You can clearly see that she's wearing her seatbelt. Then the scene cuts to inside the car and Meg gets out. However, she never took off the seatbelt.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Meg goes to Joe's house for the second time, you see her pull up in a red Jimmy SUV. Pay attention to the wheels. After the scene in the school yard with about five minutes left in the movie, Joe is parked in Meg's space. She pulls up in the same Jimmy, but with different wheels.

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