Black Hawk Down

Corrected entry: Near the beginning, where the helicopter picks up a guy with a bike from a sandy area, as it lands, a lot of sand is thrown up. When you see the shot from the inside if the helicopter of the guy with the bike, you can hear the helicopter is still running but no sand is thrown up behind him. (00:12:19)

Correction: The lack of sand flying around (the pickup on the beach of Hoot) is due to changing the pitch (angle of attack) of the rotor blade on the MH-60. When the aircraft is coming in the rotor still must provide lift for a smooth landing, once on the ground there is no need for lift until ready to take off. The pilot simply changed the pitch of the rotor to zero while Hoot loaded, hence, no blowing sand.

Corrected entry: In the first major ambush of the bad guys' meeting, a black hawk helicopter is hovering. We see the ropes dropped before Josh Harnett shouts "ropes down" and then they are dropped again. (00:40:00)


Correction: It is not the same helicopter, there are 4 Black Hawks with Rangers inside.

Corrected entry: Throughout the film, NCOs are referred to as 'Sir' (more obvious when subtitles are on), but only officers in the army are called 'Sir'. NCOs are referred to as 'Sergeant' up to 'Sergeant Major', never 'Sir'.

Correction: They are saying "Sarn't" which is a shortened way of saying "Sergeant," even though the captions say "Sir" some of the time.

Corrected entry: Helo pilots are on the right side of the aircraft and copilots on the left. This is shown wrong in the movie.

Correction: In modernized US Army helicopters, both crew stations are identical. Two qualified and current pilots are required to fly the aircraft. The pilot in command may sit in either the right or left seat.

Corrected entry: When some of the soldiers are firing their M-16s, they don't seem to produce any recoil. M-16s do have low-to-moderate recoil. This happens multiple times throughout the movie.

Correction: Good soldiers eventually develop a strong grip for their weapons, especially the small caliber, low-recoil M-16. Remember, the 5.56mm round it fires is equal to .22 caliber. It's all about firmly gripping the handle and barrel guard and planting the buttstock rigidly into your shoulder to reduce the effects of recoil.

Corrected entry: When Durant's Blackhawk went down there is only one crew chief, but there were actually two. Also, everyone on board the crash survived the fall, but were later killed when the Somali militia came except for Durant.

Correction: There were four men on Durant's Super-64, but three are shown (a crew chief and a brief shot of the co-pilot). This was apparently done for pacing reasons and to not clog up the screen.

Corrected entry: During the scene towards the beginning of the film when the rangers are taking target practice you see one guy take out his pistol and start walking up to his target firing at it. Apparently this guy has a death wish because if you look behind him you see the rest of the rangers continue to fire their rifles away while this idiot is walking right into the path of bullets. (00:12:45)

Correction: The Delta soldier in question must be able to trust his companions to fire next to/over him - if he can't do that on the firing range, he definitely can't do it in combat. He is walking a straight line down his firing lane towards his targets. The other soldiers are firing beside him. He isn't walking into the path of bullets.

Corrected entry: Sgt Everman's chalk four, which in the movie made it to the first crash site, never even got there that night. They initially moved out on foot, then got picked up by the "Lost Convoy" and got stuck on it. They went back to the base and moved out to rescue everyone. Big oops on the producer/director's part.

Correction: Sgt. Eversman got Blackburn stabilized and evacuated within minutes after they were on the ground, and then he proceeded right to the crash site on foot. He said they were racing Somalis to the site, much like in the movie.

Corrected entry: Hoots delta team has 4 members but later there are only 3.

Correction: The fourth Delta operator was probably killed offscreen some in between. If so, it would presumably be Earl Filmore, as he is the only Delta operator killed that day whose death is not shown onscreen.

Corrected entry: When the officers want some soldiers to rescue the crew of the fallen helicopter, there is one who takes a puff of asthma medication. You can't go in the army if you are asthmatic.

Dr Wilson

Correction: If you have read the Black Hawk Down book then you would know that a single Ranger was allowed to, even with asthma. You can go through BCT (Basic Combat Training) with Asthma and an inhaler. You can also go through Boot Camp with Asthma, but Boot Camp is for Marines, not ground pounders in the Army. All branches take Asthma sufferers, it just depends on their level of Asthma. My dad had Asthma and went Ranger in December 1970 and I have Asthma while going into the pipeline for AFSOC (CCT).

Corrected entry: Blackburn did not fall from the rope by an RPG almost hitting the Blackhawk helicopter. In actuality he just missed the rope period.

Correction: The pilot tilted the blackhawk for no apparent reason other than that he could not see anything and it was very chaotic. I heard Sgt Eversmann speak this evening and he specifically mentioned that there was no RPG that he saw, but the pilot did bank the heli. That caused Blackburn to fall, as Blackburn was probably 5-10 feet down the rope at that point.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the ODA-D sergeant is cut in half and thrown from the 5-Ton Truck, it first shows one soldier grabbing his shoulders to pick him up. It then cuts away to show two soldiers, one on each side of the sergeant, moving him to a vehicle.

Correction: McKnight calls two soldiers over before the Sergeant is picked up. The soldiers are standing to either side of the body. In the closeup of his face where two hands are seen on his shoulders, one hand is from each person carrying him.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the soldiers fail to tie the artery in the dying soldier's leg, they then perform CPR. Not only do they forget to tilt the dead soldier's head back but when he starts doing compressions he presses on the lower ribs. This really needs to done firmly and directly over the heart to work. (01:55:13)

Correction: Actually, the film is pretty much correct. Having done this with the Coastguard, the correct procedure is to place both hands, knitted together, just below the end of the breastbone. However, what the film does get wrong is the amount of compressions the medic does. He only does a few, then breathes into Smith. It should be 15 compressions to 2 breaths.

Corrected entry: Ewan McGregor pours bottled water to make coffee and the label on the water is "Me Eden" water, which is a company exclusively in Israel. This movie is supposed to take place in Somalia.

Correction: And was filmed in Morocco. If Ewan McGregor in Morocco could get a bottle of Me Eden, it's not inconceivable that his character in Somalia could, too.


Corrected entry: In the scene where the two snipers are defending Durant's downed Black Hawk, both of them get shot up pretty badly, especially the second one, yet in the next scene viewed from overhead one has been stripped and there is no mark on him.

Correction: The body is Durant's co-pilot that died in the crash, not the Delta sniper.

Corrected entry: The injured pilot (Durant) is in the small room looking at the picture of his family and when the angry mob of Somalis start attacking him he is wearing a pair of gloves. Later in the scene you can see his hands - the gloves have disappeared.

Correction: Like the snipers the Somali's were taking his clothes and equipment you even see them grabbing that hand explaining the missing glove, hence no mistake.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Yurek, Nelson and Twombley are meeting up with chalk 4 you can see Yurek running and no one is shooting at him but you can see the pyros going off at his feet as if there were someone shooting.

Correction: Those weren't pyros, but dirt splashes from the debris lifted from the soldier run.

Corrected entry: When the Humvees are driving through the Market of Bakara, there is a sign above a building which says, "Olympic." Why would an English sign be placed in a country where no English is spoken at all?

Correction: The Olympic hotel does exists in Mogadishu, it is not an mistake. It is near the target building and Mike Durant's crash site.

Corrected entry: When Blackbird falls from the helicopter, Josh Hartnett goes down the rope. You see another soldier immediately grab the rope and start to descend too. However when Hartnett hits the ground, the soldier is nowhere to be seen. (00:43:33)

Correction: As Josh was going down the rope, there are other men in the chopper and one was only holding onto the rope as Josh was descending, but he was not descending himself.

Corrected entry: As the American soldiers run away from Mogadishu, one fires an automatic weapon that side loads a belt of bullets into the breech. The gun shakes as he shoots, and there are muzzle flashes, but the belt of bullets doesn't move. (02:06:20)

Correction: The M249 SAW that he is firing does have a belt of bullets that move, but because of the rate of fire they are blurred.

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Visible crew/equipment: Near the end of the movie when the convoy is heading back to the Pakistan Stadium, a Humvee stops briefly to allow a man to walk across the street with a child in his arms. When the shot changes and the Humvee begins driving again, a crew member or cameraman is seen inside the Humvee wearing a white shirt. All of the men who entered the Humvee were wearing fatigues. (02:05:27)

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Pilla: Colonel, they're shooting at us! Colonel, they're shooting at us!
McKnight: Well shoot back!

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Trivia: According to veterans of the actual event, when the Rangers got the go-ahead for the mission and were getting their gear ready, "Welcome to the Jungle" by Guns N Roses was playing on the base's loudspeakers. There were some half-serious comments among the men about the appropriateness of this song. However, the film's producers failed to secure the rights to use "Welcome to the Jungle," so they substituted Faith No More's "Falling to Pieces"--which is perhaps thematically in line with what happened on the raid. (00:27:28)

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