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Corrected entry: In the scene where Blackburn is fast-roping out of the helicopter, SGT Evers initially is not wearing the goggles down over his eyes. In the shot after Blackburn falls and Evers leans over the edge of the helicopter, Evers is shown wearing his goggles down. In the next shot, he is wearing them up again. (00:43:23)

Correction: Evers pulls the goggles down just before fast roping and they stay on throughout the fast rope. They don't move.

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Corrected entry: The first time McKnight gets in his Humvee after the three Humvees leave the camera shows the Humvee from outside and there is no window in the front passenger door but when they show the Humvee from inside you can see the window. (00:34:30)


Correction: No window can be seen.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Super Six 1 picks up Hoot off the beach, the Hawk lands and we see the shadow of the rotors inside the cockpit. However when we look forward into the cockpit, these rotor shadows are not there. (00:12:00)

Correction: I just watched this scene 4 times and the mistake is not there.

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Corrected entry: When General Garrison is watching what's happening on the screens back at the JOC, they are in black and white; yet in the real event it states that he was watching it all on a colour screen.

Correction: It is colour screens, but the colour is subtle.

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Corrected entry: Almost every member of Chalk 4 in the movie were actually from the different chalks.

Correction: How is that a mistake?

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Corrected entry: The scene in which Eversmann runs out into the street to throw the strobe marker for the helicopter support is based on the actions of SPC Twombley, not Matt Eversmann.

Correction: Artistic licence - this is not a documentary.

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Corrected entry: When Dominique Pilla is shot in the Humvee, McKnight asks about his status by radio. The Delta guy (Hoot/Norm Gibson) reports that he is dead, from the front seat of the same Humvee. When they show McKnight again (he's at Bakara Market) hearing those words from the radio, in the background (between the trucks) the same Delta guy is telling something to another. A second ago he was sitting in that speeding Humvee, miles away from Bakara Market.

Corrected entry: When Grimes fires his grenade launcher at the technical, he does not put the special sights for it up and aim with that.

Correction: This is easily a character error since Grimes is inexperienced (or at least rusty) and a bit rattled with all the mayhem. The film even seems to acknowledge this since he misses and has to fire a second shot.

Correction: As an experienced operator with the M203 grenade launcher, its very rare to need to put the sight up. I used to just use the M16's rifle sight. Under 100m that's all you need anyway.


Corrected entry: In the scene where the SAW gunner and the M60 gunner in chalk four's original position notice the big convoy heading for the first crash, Twomley drops to reload his SAW, but when they switch shots, he is firing again and a SAW takes time to reload, you can't just slap a new magazine in, it takes a good solid 10-20 seconds but, again when they switch shots you see him drop to reload again and the SAW has a 200-round box magazine. (00:57:37)

Correction: Actually, you never see him remove the drum from the weapon. It is possible, though not definite that he was clearing a jam in one of the shots.

Corrected entry: The Rangers are not wearing their Unit Patches (a scroll with battalion designation). This is required by all members of the unit as opposed to Ranger tabs which are only worn by soldiers who have graduated from Ranger School.

Correction: It is true that they were not wearing their unit patches in the movie. Of course, that is consistent with the uniforms they wore in Somalia in '93, which did not have unit patches.

Corrected entry: This may also fall under Continuity error, but near the end we see a wounded Lorenzo Ruis laying in the hospital bed recuperating from his wound, but later we see him under the KIA list. This is true that he dies, but he was killed in the lost convoy and not in a hospital.

Correction: Actually Lorenzo Ruiz died on the way to the hospital in Germany (they seemed to combine him with another soldier). The other soldier had said "don't go back without me." In the book BHD, Ruiz knew he was going to die. He told his buddies that it was over for him, and that he wanted his wife and daughter to know that he loved them. It is also not mentioned that SSG Dan Busch died of his wounds. One would not notice, unless they read the end text, which listed him amongst the dead.

Corrected entry: In the conversation scene between Mr. Atto and general Garrisson, we see sunglasses and an ash tray placed on the table. In the next shot the ash tray moves to different place and the sunglasses switch position.


Correction: The two shots of the table are from opposite sides of it, which is why they appear to have swapped sides.

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Corrected entry: At the beginning of the movie when the character played by Eric Bana is walking at the Bakara market, you can see there's a total number of four crew members behind him in the crowd (one is right behind him and three more a bit further). It's easy to spot these white men in a crowd where everyone's supposed to be black.


Correction: There are white men in the background but there is nothing to indicate they are part of the crew as they are just walking around doing nothing but looking around. They could be visitors or may have been backup for Eric Bana's character in case anything went wrong whilst he was waiting there.

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Corrected entry: After Michael Durant lands his Black Hawk helicopter in hostile territory, he begins fending off his attackers from the seat of the helicopter with an MP5A3 sub-machine gun. In actuality, Black Hawk helicopter pilots in service in Somalia at the time the movie takes place were issued SP89 sub-machine guns, a similar, but much more compact weapon.

Correction: The MP5A3 was carried onboard most of the Helos used in Somalia.

Corrected entry: When Dominick Pilla is impersonating Captain Steele in the hangar, Steele refers to him as 'Specialist' and he is wearing specialist's rank insignia on his collar. When he is later shot, Struecker twice refers to him as 'Sergeant Pilla' (which was his actual rank in real-life).

Correction: Pilla was promoted to sergeant the same day he was killed. [url=]This[/url] explains why they called him specialist the day before and sergeant the next.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the second convoy is leaving the base to head back into Mogadishu the 3 Humvee's pass a C-130. If you look at the engines you can see that there are no propellers on the aircraft at all. There should be 4, 2 on each wing. Even if this was a maintenance issue it wouldn't be at that level in a hostile environment, and the plane would be in a hanger, not parked outside with no covers on any of the exposed lines. It appears to be a decommissioned aircraft used for a prop. (01:18:52)

Correction: This C-130 is NOT a USAF plane but along with a B707 stored nearby is a scrapped & derelict aircraft of the Moroccan Air Force, in one shot you can see a crown on the tail giving hint to the fact that the scenes where shot in Morocco. The C-130 shows no signs or insignias of the USAF. Also, the Boeing 707 in the other shots carries a Moroccan registration (CN-).

Corrected entry: At the 2nd helicopter crash site (Durant's) the scene jumps back to Pilot Durant in a small room several times while the D-boys are outside fighting. After Durant is placed in the small room with his MP-5, he is shown with Gordon's CAR-15 on his lap, then without. (01:28:02)

Correction: If you watch carefully, you can see one of the Somalis pick it up.

Corrected entry: Near the beginning, where the helicopter picks up a guy with a bike from a sandy area, as it lands, a lot of sand is thrown up. When you see the shot from the inside if the helicopter of the guy with the bike, you can hear the helicopter is still running but no sand is thrown up behind him. (00:12:19)

Correction: The lack of sand flying around (the pickup on the beach of Hoot) is due to changing the pitch (angle of attack) of the rotor blade on the MH-60. When the aircraft is coming in the rotor still must provide lift for a smooth landing, once on the ground there is no need for lift until ready to take off. The pilot simply changed the pitch of the rotor to zero while Hoot loaded, hence, no blowing sand.

Corrected entry: In the first major ambush of the bad guys' meeting, a black hawk helicopter is hovering. We see the ropes dropped before Josh Harnett shouts "ropes down" and then they are dropped again. (00:40:00)


Correction: It is not the same helicopter, there are 4 Black Hawks with Rangers inside.

Corrected entry: Throughout the film, NCOs are referred to as 'Sir' (more obvious when subtitles are on), but only officers in the army are called 'Sir'. NCOs are referred to as 'Sergeant' up to 'Sergeant Major', never 'Sir'.

Correction: They are saying "Sarn't" which is a shortened way of saying "Sergeant," even though the captions say "Sir" some of the time.

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Visible crew/equipment: Near the end of the movie when the convoy is heading back to the Pakistan Stadium, a Humvee stops briefly to allow a man to walk across the street with a child in his arms. When the shot changes and the Humvee begins driving again, a crew member or cameraman is seen inside the Humvee wearing a white shirt. All of the men who entered the Humvee were wearing fatigues. (02:05:27)

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Pilla: Colonel, they're shooting at us! Colonel, they're shooting at us!
McKnight: Well shoot back!

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Trivia: In the scene where Eric Bana is talking with Eversmann after Smith has died, he lets his native Australian accent slip through. The line has something to do with "There will be plenty of time to figure all of that out. Believe me." He uses some sort of faux southern accent through the entire film except for those two words.

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Question: In the scene where Eversmann is briefing his team ready for them to gear up and go out, he says something like "sorry ass JROTC". What does JROTC stand for? (00:26:00)


Chosen answer: Junior Reserve Officers Training Corp. You have JROTC in high school and ROTC in college. It's a way of getting a commission in the military early on. It's often not looked fondly upon by officers who came up through the enlisted ranks first.

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