Silkwood (1983)

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Corrected entry: Honda Civics came out in 1972 and the movie takes place in 1974 but Karen's Honda Civic looks 10-12 years old as it is because the movie was made in 1983.

Correction: A poorly maintained vehicle can look old within a couple years. The filmakers tried to provide a faithful depiction of the actual events surrounding the Kerr-McGee "scandal", it is reasonable to believe that they got the best copy possible of Karen Silkwood's vehicle.

BocaDavie Premium member

Corrected entry: When Karen is found to have serious contamination, she has yet to enter the changing room (she is still in her own clothes). What is the point of having a monitoring arch at the plant entrance? It's highly unlikely that anyone would be contaminated before starting work.

Andy Benham Premium member

Correction: Anyone who was stealing plutonium to sell on the black market would likely become contaminated outside of work and would then be caught. Also, if for some other reason you became contaminated outside of work, it would be in the company's favor to be able to prove that you were not contaminated at work, i.e. that it was not a workplace accident.


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