Charley Varrick

Other mistake: When Molly heads to the van to kill Harman, we see Charley waiting in the scrub and watching the van, seemingly anticipating the arrival of Molly. But why would he do this? Does he randomly spend several hours watching for the arrival? Bizarre. Why not warn Harman? It's clear by his shock at seeing the dead body of his partner that it's not his intention to get Harman killed to get him out of the way. Seems to be an overhang of a previous plot direction where Charley does maliciously get Harman removed.

Sir John Danvers

Plot hole: Swapping his dental X-ray records with his deceased partner won't convince anyone that Varrick is dead - then (as now) the patient's name appears on the X-ray.

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Maynard Boyle: You need a rest, Harold. A long trip to someplace quiet. Another name, another country.
Harold Young: I can't start my life over again now.
Maynard Boyle: You don't have much choice, Harold. They're gonna try to make you tell where the money is. You know what kind of people they are. They're gonna strip you naked and go to work on you with a pair of pliers and a blowtorch.

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Question: What kind of plane did Varrick use in the chase in the end with molly? could someone please answer this?

Answer: That is a Boeing 'Stearman' biplane.

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