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Corrected entry: Muir arrives in his office at one point and his secretary has left a bottle of scotch and a glass with a note to enjoy his retirement. But Muir had already left the office for good earlier that day (around 3pm), and said goodbye to his secretary. She had no reason to think he would be back, and so there would be no reason to hold out on the gift. Had he not heard a news report from China on his way out, he never would have returned.

Correction: The note she left with the scotch is "good luck with retirement" - as in she knew he'd be back there at some point. It was her coy way of playing peek-a-boo with him for old times sake.

Corrected entry: In one scene Brad Pitt's character has a silver and black Leica camera around his neck. Then the camera changes to an all black Leica. Then the camera changes to an SLR camera. This all occurs in the course of one conversation with another character.

Correction: He has multiple cameras around his neck. You can see then in one of the first shots with him as a photographer when he is running through the battlefield.


Corrected entry: At the end of the movie when Brad Pitt is being airlifted away his left eye is black. In the next scene it is the right one before changing back to the left one for the final shot.

Correction: I've just watched this scene and Brad's entire face is black and blue, there's no way to even see if he's got a black eye or if it changes sides.


Corrected entry: Near the end of the movie when bishop is getting rescued and escorted into the helicopter; he looks at the other helicopter where he sees the girl. You can perfectly see that her hair is long, but when they show her again when she's in the chopper, you can see her is chopped off, leaving just a buzz cut, most likely because the guards cut it that way. You can see it again when her head is under a blanket.

Correction: It does look very like that but in fact her "long hair" is the blanket draped over her head.


Corrected entry: Right after the Nebaa is demolished by the bomb, some people are tending to the wounded. One man is laid down on an improvised stretcher. He is missing his left arm. The problem is, the actor is missing his left arm: he was evidently born without it. The arm gets thinner towards the end and, aside from the fake blood, you can see no fake bones, ripped skin or ripped shirt around the end. The skin at the end of the arm is smooth. This man was evidently born without the arm.

Correction: Where's the mistake? There's a guy with one arm playing a guy with one arm, seems OK to me. If there's no blood then there's no indication that the missing arm is the injury - he might have other wounds we can't see.


Corrected entry: When Bishop is seen walking away from the explosion at the hotel, you see a vertical cut on his face. When he meets Nathan at the airport, the cut is now horizontal.


Correction: The cut was horizontal. What you saw that was vertical was the blood, not a cut. That is why in the airport scene the scar was horizontal.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Robert Redford calls his broker at the London Stock Exchange to have $282,000 transferred to a Caiman Island account, the time that's given on screen is 9.22 p.m. in Langley/Virginia. Knowing that EST is GMT -5 hours that would mean that the London stock exchange is open at 2.22 am, which is impossible.

Correction: We see him call a secretary who then transfers his call, but we don't know to where and there is never any indication that the London Stock Exchange is open, only that his broker is still available.


Corrected entry: In Suzhou Prison, presumably the Suzhou near Shanghai, all the prison guards are speaking Cantonese, which is a southern dialect. They should be speaking either Mandarin (Putonghua) or their regional dialect.

Correction: There's no reason that their language should be based on the location of the prison, but that they are guards. Why would the author of this comment expect the guards to be local? Does everybody work in their own neighborhood?

Corrected entry: When the helicopters are landing at the prison you can see someone directing the landing who is on the ground but no U.S. forces were on the ground yet. He was directing the first helicopter on where to land.


Correction: We don't know the details of the operation. There may have been advance troops. We know that there were additional people involved to cut the power so having someone to guide the helicopters is not impossible.


Corrected entry: Near the end of the film, when the helicopter carrying Brad Pitt away from the prison lifts off, it is silhouetted against a lighted cloud of steam or smoke. If the whole city had its power shut off, what was lighting the cloud?

Correction: Earlier it was made clear that the power was cut for 30 mins. By the time we see the helicopter, the power has been restored.


Corrected entry: Look at the buttons on Muir's safe. They're upside down - because the entire lock is upside down. Why? Presumably because it looked cooler. (00:13:11)

Correction: Unusual perhaps, but certainly not a film mistake.


Corrected entry: During one scene 1975 flashes on the screen (indicating a flashback) and the song they are playing is Dire Straits "Brothers In Arms". This song did not appear until 1985.

Correction: It's not because the song didn't exist yet in 1985 that they can't use it in the movie, it's just supposed to help create the mood.

Corrected entry: In a scene, Catherine McCormack was distributing candy to kids as she got off her car. According to a friend who does extensive volunteer work in third world countries, field workers will never distribute food or anything to locals like that. The situation can easily go out of hand because you never know what these kids will do to get the candy/food.

Correction: Catherine McCormack was distributing 'Crayola' style crayons to the children, not candy.

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie as the rescue helicopters are returning the pilot of the helo containing Brad Pitt radios in with a callsign Blackhawk One. They are actually flying in a Bell 204. The other helicopters are also Bell 204s.

Correction: The radio callsign of a particular military unit, i.e. aircraft, tank, platoon, etc. is not based upon the kind of vehicle that is being referred to. These are assigned randomly or through some choice of the commander, depending upon the situation. So you can have any kind of helicopter referred to as Blackhawk One over the radio, or a tank, or even an infantry unit.

Corrected entry: Much of the movie is set on the day before Robert Redford is to retire from the CIA. As a security precaution, the CIA has restricted much of his access and made him turn in some of his badges. At one point in the movie, Redford asks to borrow a colleague (Andy Unger's) phone, claiming that his secure phone has been disconnected. While using the phone, he see's Unger's keycard on his desk and takes it. Later, Redford uses this keycard to access Unger's office when he isn't there. However, at the end of the day, Unger is unable to leave the building without swiping his keycard (because Redford stole it). Unger tells the guard that he must have left it in his office and he will go look for it. In a later scene, we see Unger rummaging through his desk looking for his keycard. If Unger doesn't have his keycard to leave the building, how did he get into his locked office?

Correction: A security guard could have let him in.

Corrected entry: Brad Pitt is rescued by commandos dispatched by helicopter from Taiwan's Peng Hu islands, depicted as only 40 minutes away from Suzhou. In fact, Peng Hu is very far from Suzhou (probably out of helicopter range) and no US soldiers are based there.

Correction: There are two cities named Suzhou in China, there is Suzhou, Jiangsu, China and there is also Suzhou, Gansu, China. The city that is in the Jiangsu province is about 40 minutes from a ship that is just north of Peng Hu.

Corrected entry: Right after Nathan and Bishop are finished talking on the rooftop, Bishop is seen slamming down a chair next to the table. The camera angle changes to a wide view and the chair and table are gone.


Correction: The table and chairs are seen fairly clearly in all shots.

Factual error: In the scene where Brad Pitt meets Robert Redford on the roof of a house in Berlin in (I think it was) 1980, you can see a lot of GSM transmitters. GSM cell transmitters didn't come until 1993.

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Question: At the beginning, Brad Pitt takes two tablets then somehow survives a massive electric shock. Are the tablets some form of stimulant to help his system recover (or some other form of genuine treatment), or is it just a fictional cinematic device?

Jon Sandys Premium member

Chosen answer: He might have taken a medical equivalent to a regulated dose of Curare, which can suspend the body temporarily in a coma-like state, while keeping the mind active and perceptive. It could also have been tetrodotoxin, which has remarkably similar effects, but lasts longer. In either case, they were specifically engineered for his physiology, indicating a pharmacologist's aid in their endeavor.

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