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Airport 1975 (1974)

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Corrected entry: In the end, Charlton Heston & girlfriend are walking down stairs that a moment ago was an escape slide. They pan out & up, and none of the slides are out & the doors are closed.

Correction: Charleton Heston and Karen Black are exiting the aircraft on the starboard (right) side of the plane. The evacuation was entirely on the left side. On the VHS version, an airport worker comes up a set of stairs to open the 1R exit door. The DVD version does not show the door being opened but does show that stairs have been brought up to it.

Corrected entry: A Boeing 747 is about to (potentially) crash land (at the end of the film). As many emergency vehicles as possible would be on standby, yet all that's present is one ambulance, waiting to rush a child to hospital for a kidney transplant.

Correction: We do see "crash trucks", leaving the fire station, rushing down the runway, and alongside the plane as it comes to a stop.

Corrected entry: Shortly after the plane has landed you notice two oddities: the fire services leave more or less immediately after landing and another plane is taxiing to leave the airport. A major emergency of this nature would probably see the airport closed for a while.

Correction: As this was an accidental collision and the jet had landed safely, the danger is, for the most part, over. The fire crews might be leaving quickly, but the taxiing jet may simply be relocating to another part of the airport, having arrived recently or simply to move away from the damaged jet. Also, a closed airport isn't motionless and deserted. Internal operations like moving planes and equipment would still continue unless an imminent threat were still posed, which is not here.


Factual error: The 747 takes off from Washington D.C., while there's still some daylight, toward the west coast. Due to complications it's diverted to land in Salt Lake City. The Sun goes down and the plane is shown flying all night long. The Sun even comes back up before they get to Salt Lake. Really, how could it take that long for a jumbo jet to fly a measly couple of thousand miles?

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Captain Stacy: I hear we expect a bumpy ride tonight.
Urias: I used to know a stewardess who thought that was sexy.
Captain Stacy: You're weird, you know that?

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