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Corrected entry: In the scene where De Niro is carrying "C" off as a boy after he gives back the money to Sonny, the narration by "C" says that, "His father & Sonny NEVER spoke to each other again". Yet, later in the film when "C" is older, and has just been slapped around by Sonny, when he suspects he had something to do with a bomb being planted in his car, De Niro runs over to Sonny and they speak to each other.

Correction: C never saw the argument between his father and Sonny because he had already walked off. So as far as he knows, they never spoke again.


Corrected entry: The scene in the bar with the motorcycle gang is set in 1968 but the jukebox is playing The Beatles' "Come Together" which wasn't released until September 1969. (00:57:00)

Correction: Come Together is playing before the jukebox is started during the fight. When the jukebox is hit, The Ten Commandments of Love is being played.

Corrected entry: When C is rolling the dice for Sonny, Sonny sends Coffeecake to the bathroom. While Sonny's men are dragging him there, in the "3-frame" shot with all Sonny's men "C" isn't there any more, and in the shot that follows, he reappears.

Correction: He is there, he's just at the side. When the big guy went to grab Coffeecake and the camera is on them, C had moved to the side, presumably ushered there by Sonny. As he ushers Coffeecake away you can see C enter back into the middle.


Corrected entry: When Sonny and his crew catch C and his friends trying to buy guns on the corner, you can see Jimmy Whispers glance directly into the camera and then quickly looks away as his crew is approaching C and about to beat up the gun dealer.

Correction: If an actor/actress happens to glance in the direction of the camera, it is to be presumed that he/she is merely looking toward the imaginary 'fourth wall', as if the camera is not there. As long as the actor does not 'break the fourth wall', this is acceptable.

Super Grover Premium member

Corrected entry: Right before Sonny shoots the guy in front of C, the guy hits Joe Pesci's windshield with a bat. The windshield doesn't shatter or break open or anything, it just cracks, but you see Joe Pesci come out of the car holding his head in pain as if he was hit with the bat. He would have had to have his head pressing against the windshield in order to be affected at all by the impact from the bat, which he didn't.


Correction: He HAD just been in a head-on collision. It is not unlikely, if he didn't wear a seatbelt, that his head flew forward and into the steering wheel or windshield. As such, his pain comes from the collision, not the bat hitting the car.


Correction: The cars never hit. This was definitely a blooper.

Corrected entry: When C goes to meet Jane on their first date, she approaches him and asks him if he was involved in the beating of her brother earlier. After C denies it, Jane yells "Wayne" toward the car for him to come out, then a few seconds later she asks her brother "Are you sure it was him. Willy?", and later in the movie her brother is referred to as 'Willy' as well.

Correction: She yells "Willy" not "Wayne".


Corrected entry: In the scene where C sees Sonny shoot the man at the beginning of the film, C says, "When Sonny looked at me for the first time I went deaf all I could see was Sonny with a gun in his hand." That can't be possible as we see and hear Sonny's man tell him, "Sonny, give me the gun." and Sonny hands him the gun. When Sonny is walking off you don't see a gun in his hand. (00:15:10)

Correction: When Sonny shoots the man with baseball bat and says "All he could see was Sonny with the gun in his hand" and there was no gun because he passed it to Jimmy Whispers, C meant that in his mind he could see no one but Sonny with the gun in is hand, he was changing his feelings towards him and changing his opinion about Sonny.

Corrected entry: The second part when C is an adult is supposed to be in 1968, but a '69 Dodge Charger is parked across from the bar the whole time.

Roy Blankenship

Correction: Like most automakers, especially at the time, Dodge introduced the 69 Charger in mid 1968. These days it's possible to see a new model year added even earlier. I have a 2010 car, which was built in February 2009, and was at the dealer in April of 2009. I bought it in November 2009.


I am acutely aware of that, but this vehicle is not new nor is it in good condition.

Roy Blankenship

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Slick: I wanna shoot someone y'kno and this feels like just the gun to do it with.

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Question: What is the game they are playing in the basement of the bar (the one when Sonny has C throw the dice for him)? And the rules, as it looks complicated. Lots of money thrown down so who wins, loses etc.? I've seen this movie about 3 times and I STILL can't figure it out!


Chosen answer: They are playing a version of Craps called Street Craps or Ghetto Craps. You can get information about the rules for this game here: http://www.craps.net/rules/street-craps.html.

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