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Corrected entry: When Mary is learning to dance with her friends, the grandma says some things to do when she says something. Then when Marie interrupts, the grandma says "I've got two more," she only says one.

Correction: The grandmother does say two things: 'when I say kick, you kick', and when I say 'booga booga - you booga booga', before the Devil-girl says, 'what's booga booga?'

Corrected entry: When Mary is in the confessional booth at the end of the movie, the priest acts shocked that it is Mary. But why would he have left the talent contest to go to the confessional without knowing that she was the one who needed to see him?

Correction: This 'error' was actually a deliberate religious plot stand-point of the film (as Shannon is Irish-Catholic, pretty much what the movie is based upon). Much like the God-character visiting Mary in her room, the Priest appears in the confessional booth at this time as a symbol to Mary, in her desperate time of need to win the contest, but for other reasons.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Mary Catherine Gallagher is walking through school and everyone is greeting her with their special names for her, the same shot is repeated twice, just with different voice-overs.

Correction: This deliberate was merely a cross-over to add to the film's comedy. Steve Martin was known for doing deliberate repeats in a few of his earlier comedies also (another SNL veteran).

Corrected entry: When Mary is at the stop sign, if you look at the street in the first shot, there's a green VW Beetle Bug that passes by. Then in the second shot, the same car passes by again.

Correction: It explains this in the special features. Stating that a green VW Beetle is in EVERY outdoor scene in this movie. This however, is wrong also. A green VW Beetle appears in every outdoor scene except the very end when Mary is talking to the tree again.

Continuity mistake: When Mary's grandma is teaching her to dance, Mary falls and breaks the table, but later when it flashes back the table is fixed then it's broken again.

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Trivia: In the movie Mary Katherine Gallagher is obsessed with kissing and the movie takes place in Besamee Heights. 'Besa me' is Spanish for kiss me, so translated Mary Katherine Gallagher lives in 'Kiss Me' Heights.

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