My Fellow Americans

My Fellow Americans (1996)

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Corrected entry: In the scene where the homeless family throws the Presidents out of the car and leaves, even though the family says they are going to Ohio, the trailer they are towing is licensed in Ohio.

Correction: The trailer could be a rental, this would explain why it has a different plate then the state they rented it in.


Corrected entry: In the scene following the conversation with Dorothy in the gay rights parade, both Kramer and Douglas are riding on the back of motorcycles with Dykes on Bikes, but they are traveling on the wrong side of the double yellow line. Normally the double yellow is to the left of the driver and the white shoulder line is to the right.

Correction: In a parade, the road is closed to traffic and the parade uses the entire width of the road.


Corrected entry: The presidents are in the car with the hillbillies, and a government car pulls along side. Once the government agents decide that the presidents are not in the car, one guy points forward, and you hear the tires squeal. There is no way that car could do that while traveling as fast as it was.

Correction: It is very possible for a car to squeal it's tires at that rate of speed. Government vehicles are not restricted to emmission standards, allowing more powerful engines making it very possible to accomplish such a task. If you're ever driving a standard, instead of completely letting go of the gas when shifting gears, hold it down, when you shift to the next gear or obviously if you downshift, it is very likely you will peel out even at higher speeds.



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When the Presidents jump off the moving train, James Garner pushes Jack Lemmon off first, waits several seconds, then jumps himself. Given the speed and direction the train was going, Garner should have landed quite a ways away, to the left of Lemmon. But he ends up only a short distance away, to the right of Lemmon (based on the direction they were facing when they jumped.)