Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

Corrected entry: They named the brothers based on alphabetical bible characters, but, not having an "F" name, they improvised with "Frank"incense... But there are enough F names in the bible, Felix, Flint, and even more if you count "Ph" names like Phillip and Philemon.


Correction: First off, they only used names from the Old Testament. Second, they obviously don't count "Ph" names since those start with a "P". "Felix" only appears in the New Testament and "flint" does not appear as a proper name, but just the hard rock. There are in fact, no men in the Old Testament with a proper name starting with "F".


Corrected entry: When the brothers go into town to fetch brides, just before leaving, Adam says "Where's Benjamin?" All the brothers say they don't know, so they leave without him, but much later, when they have to be quiet to stop the avalanche, there's Benjamin and his woman. So how did he get onto the wagon with his woman?


Correction: On the very far right of the screen right before they cut away, Benjamin throws Dorcas in the sleigh and jumps in. You may not see it if it's not in widescreen mode.

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie when the couples are turning around to check with the approval of the fathers, why do Gideon & Alice turn around? Her father is the man marrying all of them.

Correction: How would you or anyone act if five men were holding shotguns to your back? Who can say if this is strange behavior?


Continuity mistake: In the barn dance scene Gideon is doing flips on the sawhorse. His shirt becomes untucked and then retucked between flips.

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Rev. Elcott: Sounds like Pansy has the croup.

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Trivia: Ever notice how Benjamin never dances? It's because the other brothers were recruited from a dance school, Benjamin was just there for eye candy.

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