Battle of Britain

Continuity mistake: It is 1940. Two pilots come out of a house - one of them has just lost his wife and family in the London Blitz, the other is an RAF Squadron Leader. The door they come out of has a modern electric bell push - a post 1965 version, white rectangular box with a round button.

Continuity mistake: During the slaughter of the German bombers by Christopher Plummer's Spitfire squadron, the same footage appears twice. There is a shot of burning Heinkel plunging into the sea. Then there is another bomber being attacked by Spitfires and that one, too, begins to go down. We see it go into the sea, only it's the exact same footage as before.

Continuity mistake: When Michael Caine gets shot down, it starts with a shot from inside the pursuing BF109. You can see the Spitfire on the port side. The next shot is of it passing in front of the 109's gunsight, however the plane you see is a Hurricane. The shot after this, show the Spitfire back again and on fire flying quite straight. However, when you see Michael Caine's aircraft explode, it has again turned into a Hurricane and is diving.

Continuity mistake: When Christopher Plummer gets shot down, you see him burning in his Spitfire. The shot after this shows an aircraft spiraling out of control. The plane you see is a Hurricane, although he is flying a Spitfire. When you see him bail out, it is a Spitfire again turning gently to the left and is not on fire. When the plane blows up, it has again turned into a Hurricane and is pointing straight down.

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Continuity mistake: When the Senior Civil Servant is reading Dowding's letter there is a knock at his door. In the next frame the Civil Servant has removed his glasses, appears more leaned back in his chair, and the position of the letter/page has also changed. (00:06:00)


Continuity mistake: When Schmidt interrupts and delivers a report to a Luftwaffe meeting, the presenter is holding a wooden stick used for pointing on the table map. When Schmidt enters the room with the camera facing towards the door, the presenter puts his two hands at the top of the stick, supporting with his palms. Just before the next shot watch carefully and you will see both hands move off the stick. In the next shot with the camera now facing towards the table, the presenter has his left palm resting on the back of his right hand with the right palm supporting the stick. (00:51:35)


Continuity mistake: At the start of the movie in the airfield in France, in the scene where the camera is behind the French soldier talking on the phone, another soldier stands at his left side. In the next shot the nearby soldier leans closer to the telephone operator. (00:02:15)


Factual error: The door of the garage next to the house is of the aluminum up-and-over type, not available until the late 1960's.

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Squadron Leader Colin Harvey: Never let me catch you doing a victory roll over my airfield again. Understood?

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Trivia: During the Stuka attack on the radar station, the two Stuka radio controlled models that collide was a complete accident. It looked good so was left in the final version.

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Question: Did Sgt. Pilot Andy loot the mantle clock he can be seen carrying when he is returning from helping to rescue bomb victims, to the refuge shelter?

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