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Family Business (1989)

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Corrected entry: After the lab caper, Sean Connery surprises Chou by hiding in the back seat of his car. Connery calls him "Wang" (the actor's real name). Chou responds, "My name's not Wang. It's Chou." Connery says "Whatever."

Correction: Connery's character makes a mistake, and it is corrected within the movie. No error from the filmmakers here.


Corrected entry: How come when the men are breaking into the lab Matthew Broderick says he didn't bring gloves, but when he is looking at the logbooks he pulls out rubber gloves and pulls them on?

Correction: Because it's a biotech molecular biology facility and there are boxes of disposable latex gloves on every bench. He must have picked some up while running through the labs.

Continuity mistake: During the bar scene where Connery & Brodrick are at a table, Dustin Hoffman comes in and picks up the makings of a sandwich and places them on the table. In the beginning of the shot the salt shaker is near the far right edge of the table, in subsequent shots it has moved to in front of the napkin holder. Also the level & position of the bread slices on the plate changes depending on the shot.

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