Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey

Corrected entry: During the seance, Bill says, "Ted, that's your mom" when referring to Missy. However, Missy is Bill's mom.

Correction: Missy divorced Bill's dad and is married to Ted's dad in this film.


Corrected entry: When evil Bill & Ted are on the cliffs and spit down below onto the real Bill & Ted, Evil Bill says "I totaly got that good Bill" Then they laugh. When they do this, Evil Bill is on the right and Evil Ted is on the left. They both spit directly down. Later we see that Good Bill is on the left and Ted on the right. How could Bill have gotten good Bill? And if they both got him, i think Ted should have have said "Me too" or something.

Correction: We don't know if Evil Ted hit or missed his target. Even if he did miss, it makes sense that he'd be happy because Evil Bill did hit his target.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Bill and Ted are trying to beat Death at Twister, Bill and Death are on the mat while Ted spins the dial. Ted spins and tells Death "Left foot green." The problem being that the dial is still spinning when he says "Left foot." It has stopped by the time he says green, but he couldn't have known it would stop precisely on left foot.

Correction: What makes you so sure Ted is playing fair, he may be trying to cheat Death.

Corrected entry: Just before Evil Bill & Ted crash through Missy's window, there is a shot of them through the front windscreen, and there is a light as if there is a car behind them, but in the next shot there is nothing to be seen.

Correction: The light behind their car is the streetlights bouncing off the wet pavement down the street behind them.

Corrected entry: Station, while making the robots in the back of the van could not have spray painted them then start welding again without the sparks igniting the paint. Spraying anything in a closed space would keep vapors in that could trigger if exposed to any type of flame or spark.

Rollin Garcia Jr

Correction: Station only used the welder very briefly in the scene after spraypainting robot Ted. And we do not know how much 'real time' passed between the painting and that welding. If it had been less than a minute, I'd agree. If it were 10 minutes, likely the gases would have dissipated before Station used the welder again.

Corrected entry: How can Evil Bill spit on the human version of himself? He's a robot with no possible means of producing bodily fluids such as saliva.

Andy Benham

Correction: A robot designed to mimic a human being would have methods of producing bodily fluids for authenticity. The robot presumably has a store of liquid on board for such purposes, which could be topped up when required through drinking.


Corrected entry: When Bill & Ted came back from learning to play, how did they know that The Stations were going to play the bongos and Death was going to play bass?

Correction: They know this by going to the future, therefore the concert already happened and they should know what instrument they should play.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Bill is talking to evil Bill on the phone, evil Bill says "Good luck getting to the concert" and then hangs up. This is actually in reference to a deleted scene which was left on the cutting room floor. On the drive to the concert hall Bill, Ted, Death and Station were supposed to be being chased by Colonel Oats, the Easter Bunny, and Granny S. Preston Esquire and forced to "face their fears." This was left out because it was deemed too scary for smaller children.

Correction: Though there is that scene, it can't be in reference to it because the evil Bill and Ted, while evil robots from the future, don't have supernatural powers and would have no way of knowing or making those characters come back.

Corrected entry: When evil Bill and Ted are playing with their robot heads in the bedroom, it can be seen that Ted's head is fake. Its skin colour is slightly different and the eyes or lips cant even be seen.

Correction: How can a robot head not be "fake"?

Corrected entry: When Station, is making the robot Bill and Ted, in the back of the van you see him using a welders mask while doing work to the robots. However there is a close-up scene of his eyes while he is doing welding without the mask which would make no sense to even use the mask before if he didn't plan on using it each time. The smartest being(s) in the world should know that not doing so can eventually make you go blind.

Rollin Garcia Jr

Correction: Station isn't human - maybe he tried the mask initially, realised welding wasn't dangerous to his alien eyes, and took it off.


Corrected entry: In the end scene the good Bill and Ted robots are supposed to be controlled by hand-held remote controls, so how exactly are they dancing all by themselves? And if someone is controlling them, where is this person? (01:24:09)

Correction: Just like the evil robots (who can move by themselves) the good robots were probably built with an auto-pilot mode too.

Other mistake: Just before the evil robots capture Bill and Ted's girlfriends, after they crash through the window, the girlfriends ask the robots: "Who are you?" and Bill goes "Well, I'm really Evil Ted!" and unzips himself and out pops Evil Ted, and the other robot goes, "And I'm really Evil Bill!" and out pops Evil Bill. When the robots are herding the girlfriends out just before knocking them out with their breath, you can see two sets of clothes in the bottom left corner if you watch closely.

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Ted: You are a most excellent scientist, Station.
Bill: Yeah! Plus, you got an excellently huge Martian butt!
Big Station: Station!

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Question: When the titles are running at the end, just after the headlines have stopped, the screen goes to black and the first title you see is "Taj Mahal". Obviously, I know what the Taj Mahal is, but why is it mentioned in the titles?

Answer: Taj Mahal is also the name of a blues singer who had a cameo role in the film (The Gatekeeper). He may have demanded a higher billing than the regular acting credits.


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