Revealing mistake: During the fight scene, when the young man pulls Gen. Besh's pistol and fires it, the pistol is shown close up and slow motion. The pistol doesn't cycle. (I.E. the slide doesn't recoil to load another round) This make it obvious that the pistol is loaded w/blanks and no blank adaptor.

Continuity mistake: When Cadet Major Morelan is talking to the officers in the Admin Building about a plan of action. He is constantly leaning agains the table and standing upright. When they finally agree on the plan of action, he says "agree?" he is standing upright and away from the table. The next shot the officers immediately respond and Cadet Major Morelan is leaning on the table with two fists then stand upright when he hears sirens. There was not enough time for Cadet Major Morelan to lean against the table again between the question and response.


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J.C. Pierce: Dwyer, this is starting to be a real emergency situation here.

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