Taps (1981)


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Brian Moreland: We have a home here. We think it's something worth defending.

Brian Moreland: Honor doesn't count for shit when you're looking at a dead little boy.

Colonel Kerby: You're not a soldier! I'm a soldier, with the career goal of all soldiers - staying alive in situations where it ain't all that easy to do! You're a death-lover. Some sorry son of a bitch has got you convinced that dying for a cause is oh, so romantic. Well, that's the worst kind of all the kinds of bullshit there is.

J.C. Pierce: Dwyer, this is starting to be a real emergency situation here.

Brian Moreland: They want us to be good little boys now so we can fight some war for them in the future. Some war they'll decide on. We'd rather fight our own war right now.

David Shawn: Take off that berret.

Alex Dwyer: What the hell were you doing back there?
David Shawn: At least I had your ass over the grinder and it's okay enough to thank me, shithead.
Brian Moreland: Hut! What's the problem?
Alex Dwyer: The problem is that this asshole just shot the town.

Continuity mistake: Shaving cream reappears - When Cadet Major Morelan is shaving in front of the mirror he shaves his right side of his face then shaves part of his left side of his face. The next shot is a closeup of him in the mirror and the left side of his face is unshaven and completely covered with shaving cream. He then begins to shave the left side of his face again.


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