Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
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Margaret "Maggie" Pollitt: Where did I fail you? Where did I make my mistake?

Ida 'Big Momma' Pollitt: We never were a very happy family. There just wasn't much joy in this house. It wasn't Big Daddy's fault. It was just... you know how some families are happy.

Margaret "Maggie" Pollitt: You've got to.
Brick Pollitt: I don't have to do anything I don't want to! Now, you keep forgetting the conditions on which I agreed to stay on living with you.
Margaret "Maggie" Pollitt: I'm not living with you! We occupy the same cage, that's all.

Gooper Pollitt: I don't give a damn whether Big Daddy likes me, or don't likes me. Or did or never did. Or will or will never.

Margaret "Maggie" Pollitt: You're a drinker and i'm childless.

Brick Pollitt: But, how in hell on earth can you imagine you're gonna have a child with a man who cannot stand you.

Harvey 'Big Daddy' Pollitt: I've got the guts to die. What I want to know is, have you got the guts to live?

Margaret "Maggie" Pollitt: Did the storm cause any damage, Big Daddy?
Harvey 'Big Daddy' Pollitt: Which storm you talking about, the one on the outside or the hullabaloo I heard going on in here? Heard some mighty loud talking. What's the powwow about?
Mae Pollitt: Nothing, Big Daddy, nothing at all.
Harvey 'Big Daddy' Pollitt: What's in them important-looking documents you got there, Gooper?
Gooper Pollitt: Nothing, sir, nothing much of anything at all.

Dr. Baugh: Sometimes I wish I had a pill to make people disappear.

Brick Pollitt: Careful Maggie, your claws are showing.

Ida 'Big Momma' Pollitt: I don't like locked doors in my house.

Ida 'Big Momma' Pollitt: Do you make Brick happy?
Margaret "Maggie" Pollitt: Why don't you ask if he makes me happy?

Dixie Pollitt: Why is Uncle Brick on the floor?
Brick Pollitt: Because I tried to kill your Aunt Maggie. But I failed. And I fell.

Brick Pollitt: People like doing what they used to do, after they've stopped being able to do it.

Margaret "Maggie" Pollitt: You can be young without money, but you can't be old without it.

Brick Pollitt: Big Daddy, Big Daddy. Now, what makes him so big? His big heart, his big belly, or his big money?

Brick Pollitt: Don't make a fool of yourself, Maggie.
Margaret "Maggie" Pollitt: I don't mind making a fool of myself over you.
Brick Pollitt: Well, I mind. I feel embarrassed for you.
Margaret "Maggie" Pollitt: Feel embarrassed? Well, I can't live on this way.
Brick Pollitt: You agreed to accept that condition.
Margaret "Maggie" Pollitt: I know I did. But I can't! I can't.

Harvey 'Big Daddy' Pollitt: So you bought me a birthday present, huh?
Brick Pollitt: No sir, Maggie bought it.
Harvey 'Big Daddy' Pollitt: She's got good taste, that girl.
Brick Pollitt: In some things, yes, but not in men.

Margaret "Maggie" Pollitt: You know what I feel like? I feel all the time like a cat on a hot tin roof.
Brick Pollitt: Then jump off the roof, Maggie. Jump off it. Cats jump off roofs and land uninjured. Do it. Jump.
Margaret "Maggie" Pollitt: Jump where? Into what?

Margaret "Maggie" Pollitt: Stop that, ya little no-neck monster.

Continuity mistake: After Maggie (Liz Taylor) goes outside to confront Brick at the car during a raging rainstorm getting thoroughly soaked, she appears a short time later in the drawing room in the same dress, immaculate hairstyle and makeup, looking like she hadn't seen a single drop of water. (01:11:00)

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Trivia: Brick's (Paul Newman) latent homosexuality seems to be purposely avoided in the movie's screenplay, as opposed to the original Williams play. Probably so as not to offend sensitive 50's audiences. Modern audiences will more than likely pick up the signs and wonder ' he?'.

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