I Love Trouble

Continuity mistake: When Peter is talking to his editor after the first time Sarina out-scoops him, he's holding a newspaper under his arm as he walks up to his editor's office. The shot switches to the editor and when it turns back to Peter the paper is gone.

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Continuity mistake: When Peter is in the diner showing Sabrina the picture he puts the picture down and walks to get coffee. As he gets up Sabrina is reaching for the picture and the camera shows Peter asking her if she wants a doughnut. The camera pans back to her and she is reaching for the picture again - it is not in the same place it was a moment ago.

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Continuity mistake: When Julia Roberts hides in the ladies room stall at the chemical plant, she spots some keys the female workers left by the sink. The keys flip around and change position as she comes out.

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Continuity mistake: At the end, when the film slide falls out of Peterson's pen it's all rolled up, but seconds later when Peterson grabs it it's perfectly straight even though no one had touched it.

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When Julia Roberts drives away from the building where she finds the dead body of the boy with "LD" written on his hand, it is raining heavily. Yet, as she accelerates, there is an extended sound of tyres screeching on a dry surface.



The sinister plot of Chess Chemical, in the movie, to falsify the lab tests to show that the LDF hormone is safe to inject into cows and thus for it to get into the milk supply is based on a true story. Chess Chemical is Monsanto. LDF is the controversial "bovine growth hormone," also known as BGH. BGH was found to cause cancer in the cows that were injected. But the FDA approved it anyhow in the 1990s with its full stamp of approval.