The Last Castle

The Last Castle (2001)

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Eugene R. Irwin, retired Army General, is placed in a military prison, for disobeying the Commander in Cheif, which leads to eight deaths. From the start, he clashes heads with Colonel Winter. A game of chess develops between the two, with Winter using his power to abuse Irwin, and with Irwin using his power and respect of his inmates, to irk Colonel Winter, to the point of a final showdown between the two.

Rich Strangfeld

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Eugene Irwin: Now let me get this straight. You mean there is violence here?
Doc: Yes sir.
Eugene Irwin: In a prison packed with violent criminals? Hmm.



The inmates build the wall using mortar to strenghen it. In the following scenes after the wall has been knocked down, there isn't mortar attached to any of the rocks.



The Last Castle was filmed in Nashville Tennessee from March through June of 2001 at an old abandoned prison facility in the northern portion of Nashville.