The Last Castle

The Last Castle (2001)

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Corrected entry: When the inmates are in formation paying tribute to Cpl. Aguilar, when they are told to fall out they are not told to order arms prior to falling out which is proper procedure when saluting the flag.


Correction: Given that they aren't soldiers anymore and the fact that saluting is banned, failure to stick to proper procedure doesn't seem unacceptable.

Greg Dwyer

Corrected entry: In the scene where Yates takes control of the helicopter he sits in the left-hand seat. However when the helicopter is crashing he is seen sitting in the right-hand seat.

Correction: Yates lands, helps remove the pilot and gunner, then climbs in the right side pilot's seat, where he then takes off again and eventually crashes.

Corrected entry: Robert Redford is forced to carry a pile of rocks. When he removes his shirt to reveal battle scars you will notice a cheering inmate to his right holding a wooden cane. This is not possible in a maximum security prison since it could be used as a weapon.


Correction: There is no prisoner holding a cane in the shot.

Greg Dwyer

Corrected entry: When Aguilar is shot, he is hit on the right side of his head, but when they show his body, there is blood on his left temple.

Correction: From the POV of the guard, you see the body fall into the bulldozer's blade. The head injury to the left temple could be from hitting the blade.


Corrected entry: When James Gandalfini and the general are talking outside the prison after the false alarm, look at the prison and sky, it's obviously a blue screen.

Correction: There was no blue screen used at all. I worked in post-production on the film.

Corrected entry: The inmates have constructed a 30 foot trebuchet without the prison guards noticing?

Correction: The pieces are spread throughout the prison and are assembled in the protection of the alley. The guards are distracted by the inmates out in the open.

Corrected entry: It is raining for part of the time while the prisoners are building the wall using mortar. Surely the mortar would become so diltuted in the rain that it wouldn't set?

R W Hlavac

Correction: Cement and mortar will still mix even in the rain, and cement will even harden when at a near soupy liquid consistency. However, it won't be as strong as it normally would have been with less water in it.

Corrected entry: Near the end of the film, the prisoners are getting shot and injured by the prison police force. Later, when order is restored, there are no bodies of the dead and/or injured laying about the yard. There was no time to remove them.

Correction: They're using rubber bullets.



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Eugene Irwin: Now let me get this straight. You mean there is violence here?
Doc: Yes sir.
Eugene Irwin: In a prison packed with violent criminals? Hmm.



The inmates build the wall using mortar to strenghen it. In the following scenes after the wall has been knocked down, there isn't mortar attached to any of the rocks.



The Last Castle was filmed in Nashville Tennessee from March through June of 2001 at an old abandoned prison facility in the northern portion of Nashville.