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Corrected entry: The bulletin of the plane crash announces J.P. Richardson (The Big Bopper) as being 29 at the time of his death. He was actually 28, and he would have turned 29 in October of that year, had he lived.


Correction: That's a common occurrence in real life. When a person has a birthday late in the year, like me, people usually take the year it is, minus the year of birth, and say that's the person's age, not taking into account being born in the autumn or winter. For example, 2009 - 1969 = 40, so most people would just assume the person born in 1969 is 40, not 39 about to turn 40.


Corrected entry: When Ritchie is playing in the restaurant, his mother takes a big drink from a glass. But a moment later, the glass is nowhere to be seen.


Correction: The glass is actually a hidden a little behind her chair and remains there for the 3 or 4 shots of her before she gets up to dance.

Corrected entry: The opening scene of the movie depicts two small aircraft (one is a Beechcraft Bonanza) colliding in midair and falling in the playground at Pacoima Junior High School. This accident did occur on January 31, 1957, but the aircraft involved were an Air Force F-89 jet fighter and a four-engined DC-7 airliner, and only the DC-7 hit the schoolyard. A young Latino boy is among those killed on the ground, and Ritchie Valens refers to him as "my best friend". In reality, the three boys killed at the school were Anglo and were 12 and 13 years old - two or three years younger than Ritchie at the time.

Correction: Just because the kids that died were younger than Ritchie doesn't mean one of them couldn't have been his best friend.

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Near the end of the movie, a DJ announces over the air that the crash had occurred that killed Buddy Holly, J.P. Richardson (commonly known as "The Big Bopper"), and Ritchie Valens. The DJ then plays the Santo & Johnny tune "Sleep Walk" as a tribute to the lost musicians. The crash occurred on Feb 3, 1959 (and one would assume the radio news announcement was within 24 hours of the crash). The song "Sleep Walk" was not released until July 1959.