Rules of Engagement

Continuity mistake: The soldiers takes off from the aircraft carrier in Boeing CH-46 helicopters. In the next scene they are flying towards the target and the helicopters are magically upgraded to the Boeing CH-47 model. The mistake is clearly seen when counting the landing gear on the two types. The CH-46 has a single front landing gear and the CH-47 has a double landing gear in the front.

Continuity mistake: Not only the CH-46s change into -47s, also the Bell 212/UH-1Ns (twin-engined) suddenly become Bell 205/UH-1Hs (single-engined).

Continuity mistake: Shortly after Samuel. L. Jackson speaks to the ambassador we see U.S. marines taking up positions on the rooftop, if you watch as the camera angle changes you can see the same bazooka carrying marine lie down in the same position he lay down in seconds earlier.

Continuity mistake: At the end of the film when Samuel L. Jackson is walking out of the court the bruising under his right eye disappears and moves to the right side of his face instead.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where the man (played by Bruce Greenwood) is flicking through the different newspapers while in the White House (after the big shooting), the dates on the newspapers clearly say 1999. However, the movie is actually set in 1996.

Continuity mistake: In the bar scene Samuel L. Jackson presents Tommy Lee Jones with a case with the Mameluke sword and Lee's medals in it. There is a Silver Star in the case, but Tommy Lee Jones is not wearing one. Tommy Lee Jones is wearing a Defense Distiguished Service Medal, which is not in the case. The medals do look very similar though.

Other mistake: During the ending scene, when Samuel L. Jackson is walking away from the camera across the lawn, he passes directly between the platoon on the right practicing rifle drill, and the platoon leader giving them orders. Marines are taught to NEVER do this. It is called "breaking ranks", and a Colonel in the Marine Corps would have known this.


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Major Mark Biggs: There are rules and Marines are sworn to uphold them.
Colonel Terry L. Childers: I was not going to stand by and see another Marine die just to live by those fucking rules.

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