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The Wicker Man (1973)

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Continuity mistake: After the part when the song mentions the 'toes' of the Landlord's Daughter, there's a bit when a burly bearded man gets behind Willow and bumps his large literal pouch against her rear, performing pelvic thrusts while his hands are kept at the height of his shoulder. Cut (during the song, played continuously) and his hands are joined above his head.

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Continuity mistake: During "The landlord's daughter", the protagonists starts to realise something is quite a bit weird once one of the patrons mentions the parts that stand 'at attention'. In the background, Willow's dad walked to the right and is facing away from the crowd, but in the next close-up on Edward Woodward, he's behind him and smoking facing him.

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Continuity mistake: The protagonists are in the back of the post office to see Myrtle. She is using as model one of the chocolate hares. After the first close-up on the drawing, when her mum leaves, the hare is gone, and it is back at the next cut. (00:10:55)

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Continuity mistake: When Howie is saying Mrs Morrison is not dead, the little girl Myrtle has both her hands tucked under her chin. In the next shot she has nearly halfway through a piece of cake.

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Continuity mistake: When Willow is doing the nude dance scene, the ring on Howie's finger changes from right to left hand and back again.The parting on Howie's hair also changes sides.

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Continuity mistake: In the extended version of the film, in the scene at the police station, Officer McTaggart is reading the letter to Sgt. Howie about the missing girl on Summerisle. There's a photo of the girl included with the letter, which McTaggart holds in his right hand to look at. The next shot is a close up of the photo, which shows it being held in the left hand. The next shot of McTaggart holding the photo again shows the photo in his right hand.

Lord Summerisle: Do sit down, Sergeant. Shocks are so much better absorbed with the knees bent.

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Trivia: Lindsay Kemp plays Alder MacGreagor, the father of Willow (Britt Ekland). In real life, Kemp was only four years older than Ekland.

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Question: Why doesn't Howie try to escape when being carried up to the wicker man?

Answer: What's the use? He's surrounded, he can't fight everyone and there's nowhere for him to run.


He is also a fundametally religious man and he believes that he is going to die and go to heaven.

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