The Producers

The Producers (1967)

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At first it looks like the audience is going to storm out, but then LSD comes on as Hitler and everyone thinks it's a comedy. The musical is a huge hit, and it looks like Max and Leo will be going to jail. Franz comes in and tries to shoot them, but Max instead persuades him to help them blow up the theatre. A mistake over which fuse to use leaves them all injured, and in the next scene they're in the dock.It ends with the three in jail, but rehearsing a new play, 'Prisoners of Love', and clearly trying to pull the same scam that got them arrested...

Purple Sparkler

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Max Bialystock: Leo, he who hesitates is poor.



After the "fat fat fatty" scene, Franz shoots his way in, starting with three bullets into the door lock. Over the next scene he fires about twelve shots, despite the fact he's firing an 8-shot Luger.



During "Springtime for Hitler," film director Mel Brooks can be heard saying "Don't be stupid, be a smarty! Come and join the Nazi party!" He later dubbed the same line in the 2005 version.