Return to the Blue Lagoon

The captain and his crew leave the island. Lilli (Milla Jovovich) and Richard (Brian Krause) stay on the island. Lilli gives birth to a child.

Bootstrap Bill

Character mistake: When the Tradewind arrives at the island, captain Hilliot says, "They might not be civilized," to which Richard replies, "Civilized: c-i-v-i-l-i-Z-I-D."


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Sylvia Hilliard: It's no time to be thinking about Lilli.
Richard: I told her I'd never hurt her.
Sylvia Hilliard: Don't feel sorry for her, Richard. She's had you all to herself. But she doesn't own you. You're not married.
Richard: We are married.
Sylvia Hilliard: But not really. A lot of made up words in the middle of the jungle doesn't count.
Richard: It does to me.
Sylvia Hilliard: Why don't you just... Follow your heart.
Richard: Lilli is my heart.

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