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Corrected entry: Anyone notice how many spirals there were in this film? First, Manni is in a phone booth in front of the "Spirale" cafe, then Lola is running down a spiral staircase, the cameras are always spiraling around the characters, during the flashback of Manni and Lola in bed, there are spirals on the pillow, and many many more. Also, the film is a spiral, going back to the beginning and starting over.

Correction: There are so many spirals in the film, because the director, Tom Tykwer, is a fan of Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo. The spirals are a reference to Vertigo.

Corrected entry: Have you noticed that Lola runs all the time? (Of course you did....) But she never sweats. Her forehead and her armpits are always completely dry.

Correction: In the first run, when Lola enters the bank and sees her father, she is sweating and breathing hard.

Corrected entry: The red ambulance with its siren going is in all three sequences. We learn in the third one that it is carrying Mr Meyer, who was just hurt in a car crash, to the hospital. However, the car crash didn't occur in the first two sequences, so Mr Meyer wasn't hurt. So, why is the ambulance in the first two sequences?

R W Hlavac

Correction: It's the security guard in the ambulance in all 3 sequences.

Corrected entry: At the end when Manni gives Ronnie the money he got back from the bum, some money would have been missing because the bum bought a bike and some other stuff with it. Manni says earlier that "Ronnie notices everything," so wouldn't he be worried that Ronnie would notice the missing money? (01:14:35)

Correction: The bike and the few snacks the beggar has bought himself certainly would not cost that much. Manni may have completed the amount with his own change.

Corrected entry: When Lola runs out of her apartment after the animation sequence showing her running down the stairs, look carefully. Every time we see the shot in which Lola runs out of the door to the street, her top is white, not blue. (00:13:05)

Correction: The shade of Lola's top varies a lot depending on the lighting. In this shot the sun is shining on her, so the top looks a much lighter blue, but it is still the same blue top she wears throughout.


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Revealing mistake: When there is a car crash, and a motorcyclist flies over one of the cars, as he rolls towards the windshield we see the whole windshield intact. Then when the motorcyclist rolls and hits the windshield, large cracks are clearly visible, way before the man hits the glass. (01:00:30)

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Manni: What happened to you? Did you run here?

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Trivia: Run Lola, Run actually inspired the first Episode of Alias. The red hair, all the running, etc.

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Question: Does anyone know why the security guard outside the bank in the third scenario stares at Lola for so long after she has failed calling her Dad back?

Answer: He stares at her thinking that she is a prostitute. After he makes some snide remarks, he relizes that she is Lola and has a heart attack. She later basically saves his life by simply holding his hand in the ambulance.


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