The Abyss

Corrected entry: When Ed Harris has finished getting used to the underwater breathing fluid. He gives a thumbs up to indicate he's OK. As a diver this sign always means "surface". OK is a circle of the thumb and index finger.

Correction: Since he isn't submerged this is not an issue, he is giving the thumbs up knowing no-one would misunderstand his gesture as wanting to go to the surface.

Corrected entry: When Ed Harris and Mary Elisabeth Mastrantonio (MEM) are in the wrecked utility sub deciding who will drown and who will use the dive gear to swim back, they decide it will be MEM. Why do they then sit in the sub and wait for her to drown? Why not have her hold her breath and swim until she drowns and then she won't be dead as long and would not be as hard to revive her?

Correction: If they should swim out together, she or he would drown 'en route' therefore there would be a great deal of struggling, which would waste valuable swimming time, at least she had the chance to hyperventilate from panic, supercharging her system with oxygen. At the depth they are already at, the extremely low temperature inside her lungs would help to slow down to almost hybernation state her blood decomposition, conserving the exsisting oxygen in her heart and brain, (drowning does not mean immediate brain death) therefore the technique they have decided is quite probably the most economical (in theory) in view of the circumstances. However, without doubt, she would certainly suffer from a big dose of hypothermia and be out of action for the rest of the movie, ignoring the probability of brain damage or consequential 'cold-shock' death.

Continuity mistake: Early in the film Bud throws his wedding ring down the latrine and then retrieves it with his right hand so it is covered with the blue disinfectant. In a (much) later scene, Bud has a blue right hand, despite not having had one in the intervening period. (01:44:48)

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Bud Brigman: The guy is on his own, he's cut off from his chain of command, he's showing signs of pressure-induced psychosis, and he has a nuclear weapon. So as a personal favour to me, could you put your tongue in neutral for a while?!

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Trivia: The dead sailor harbouring a live crab, spooking Jammer out of his wits in the sunk submarine, is director James Cameron's younger brother Mike. The scene had to be shot several times to get it right, forcing Mike to hold the live crabs in his mouth, until the cry for "action", before releasing them. At one point he had to crush one with his teeth, as it gave him quite a bit of grief. Brotherly love immortalized.

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