Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives

Continuity mistake: When Sissy and Paula are in the cabin as the girl screams, Sissy holds her hand up. When it cuts to them running, her arm is suddenly down. (00:32:15)


Continuity mistake: During the scene where Jason kills the couple in the volkswagen and again during the police chase it goes from night to day to night again. (00:13:00)

Continuity mistake: In Part V the mayor says Jason was cremated, which would mean there would be no body to "bring back" for this film.

Continuity mistake: Jason's machete disappears from his hand as he walks after Steven through the woods.

Continuity mistake: The sheriff shoots Jason in the head with his revolver and makes a hole by Jason's right eye. Jason pulls Tommy underwater and begins to choke him and Tommy passes out. There is a close up of Jason's face and the bullet hole is now gone. When Megan tries to save Tommy she cuts Jason's throat with the boat propeller and the bullet hole is visible again on Jason's mask. (01:07:25 - 01:18:00)

Continuity mistake: When Tommy is in the boat at the end, he pours gasoline on each side of the boat. He lights one side and both sides ignite, but how could this be if he didn't pour it all around the boat. Also, when he is fighting with Jason the ring of fire moves away from the boat. (01:14:05)

Continuity mistake: There is shot of the car turning hard to the right that doesn't belong here. It's part the upcoming shot when Megan hooks the wheel and skids to a stop in front of her father. You can see the red light from her fathers police car on the front end and side as it turns. She is not on Cunningham road yet. Also, the driver of the car appears to be a man with a moustache wearing a blonde wig. (00:51:25)


Continuity mistake: After Tommy begins reading the book the next shot of Jason walking doesn't belong there. It is part of shot from later in the movie after Sheriff Garris shoots Jason in the head. The bullet wound and the blood from the head crush kill are visible on the mask. (00:43:13)


Continuity mistake: When the caretaker takes a drink there is still liquor in the bottle when pulls it away from his lips. You can hear it slosh around In the bottle. The next closeup shot shows the bottle is empty before he puts it in his mouth and then pretends to swallow. (00:30:37)


Continuity mistake: When Megan talks to the girls there are multiple girls in this scene who are never seen again in the movie. There are 2 black girls and at least 3 white girls who are never seen again. Also, the main little girl from the later parts of the movie is nowhere to be seen in this shot. (00:27:26)


Continuity mistake: Colone has a blue pen in his left shirt pocket. The pen is there during the car ride and throughout the chase scene but disappears when he draws his gun. Later on the blue pen is back in his pocket when Colone says "Happy Friday the 13th". (00:22:35 - 00:45:48)


Continuity mistake: Sissy put 2 ketchup bottles and 1 mustard on the counter top. When she turns to listen to Megan she bumps one bottle knocking over both ketchup bottles. As Megan finishes her story she points to the arriving bus full of kids you can see both bottles are back upright and the second ketchup bottle has moved behind the mustard. (00:19:10 - 00:19:45)


Continuity mistake: Hawes' heart is missing from where it should be beside the grave. When Jason heart punched Hawes he dropped the heart as Hawes fell back into the grave. As Jason turns he can be heard stomping on the heart. The heart may be squashed but it should be there and the caretaker should have spotted it. The broken shovel and gas can are also nowhere to be seen. (00:17:58)


Continuity mistake: The tire tracks in the mud left by the VW go past where Jason is standing in the middle of the road even though Jason hasn't moved. The shots looking at the car from behind Jason show no tracks in the mud at all. (00:13:08)


Continuity mistake: The headlights from the cop cars that were right on her tail are now gone and the road behind the car is dark when she hooks the right on Cunningham Rd. In one second the cops have fallen so far back it takes them more than ten seconds before they pull into frame. (00:51:52)


Continuity mistake: In this scene where Jason grabs Sissy he grabs her by her shoulders, but the next shot when he pulls her out the window his left hand is on her neck and his right hand is between her legs. This was the only way Jason could pull her through the window without her lower body slamming into the window frame. (00:49:00)


Continuity mistake: The position of the Lemon Brus can beside Sissy's bed changes. In the first shot it's turned around backwards facing the box behind it so you can only read Lemo. In the next shot where Sissy grabs the can the label is facing the camera and you can read the entire label Lemon Lime Brus. (00:46:38)


Continuity mistake: Jason cut the phone line and leaves a deep gouge in the post but in the following shot the line is intact and the post has no gouge in it. (00:46:16)


Other mistake: In the final scene of the movie, Megan starts a boat motor and uses the propeller to hit Jason in the face, who has been chained down underwater. But if Jason can only barely reach her foot from underwater, there's no way the boat propeller is underwater far enough to reach his face. (01:17:50)

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Allen Hawes: You just have to see that Jason's dead, right? Seeing his corpse ain't gonna stop your hallucinations.
Tommy: Seeing it won't, but destroying it will. Jason belongs in Hell - and I'm gonna see to it that he gets there.

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Trivia: Director Tom McLoughlin revealed in a 2017 interview that he was approached at one point to write and direct the seventh installment of the series after "Jason Lives" proved popular. Knowing the studio wanted to make "Freddy VS Jason" at that point but couldn't due to legal rights, McLoughlin pitched another crossover idea - "Cheech and Chong Meet Jason", a farcical comedy starring the stoner comedy-duo in the vein of the old Universal "Abbot and Costello Meet..." films. The producer thought the film would do well with comedy audiences and was entertained by the idea, but ultimately decided it would alienate horror fans too much and it never moved forward.

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Question: Why did Jason go into the children's cabin the first and second times? And why did he just draw close to Nancy when she saw him?


Chosen answer: The first and second visits are unexplained. However he drew close to Nancy to install fear in her.

Ssiscool Premium member

Answer: Yes, I don't believe he was trying to scare her; I think he was just looking at her out of genuine curiosity.

Answer: In all his attacks he's never killed children, it's like he's never seen them before. Plus, it's almost he trying to recall memories of what he's looking at. "Where have I seen these little people before."

The children might possibly remind Jason of his own days at the camp when he was a child, before he drowned.

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