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The African Queen (1951)

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Revealing mistake: In the scene where Bogart and Hepburn are in a boat cruising down the river and laughing at some monkeys or apes on the riverbank, in the medium close-up shots of them together you can see glow and signs of matte and chromakey shining in their hair. (00:59:00)

Michael MAchin
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Suggested correction: Unless John Huston et al came equipped with a handy time machine, this is impossible. The green glow sometimes seen on foreground characters comes from a reflection from the brightly lit green backdops used in 'chromakey' background superimposition. Since this system was developed in 1966 and 'The African Queen' was shot in 1951, it is not possible for the error to occur as described. It is far more likely that you have a video or DVD struck from a degraded print of the film and the colours have faded.

It's not much of a 'green' reflection, but in the DVD you can see a white glow in the shots. It is true that 'green' screen was not invented in that form, but ever since the 40s the technique had been used, so I wouldn't ridicule the entry at all, based on a wrong assumption or supposed poor phrasing. I can't submit screenshots for an entry moved into 'Corrections' already but you can definitely see glow and signs of matte and chromakey technique used in this movie all over the place. Browse around for any review of the movie (especially DVD releases), and you'll find mentioned everywhere that such effects have been used. This entry seems legit to me and I would have submitted it myself.

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Revealing mistake: When the boat is supposedly surrounded by a swarm of flies, they're really just relatively few flies trapped between two panes of glass in front of the camera lens. Evidence: whenever the camera moves, the "swarm" moves with it against the background, and you can even see some of the insects walking on the surface of the glass.

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Ship Captain: By the authority invested in me by Kaiser William II, I pronounce you man and wife. Proceed with the execution. (01:42:10)

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Trivia: Humphrey Bogart won his only Oscar for his performance as Charlie Allnut in this film.

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