The African Queen

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What a charming movie. I can fully understand why Bogart would win an Oscar for his perfomance here, because while he surely chews scenery, he does it with great flair and a rugged charme that works wonders with the exotic location. The movie has surely a fair dose of surprises and stays fresh even today, with of course some caveats. Katherine Hepburn is a wonderful performer, portraying to perfection the uptight Englishwoman and turning into a believable heroine - within the boundaries of not quite being an 'action' star - also thanks to a frankly hilarious character twist that has her discover a thrillseeking side of her that she keeps rocking till the end of the movie.

Visually the movie is very good, with all the limitations of the time: get your hands on a digitally restored copy, because the effects are pretty corny in spots - still an acceptable green screen from the 50s, really we've seen much worse even in this century - but they did the best (without a proper master, even) to correct many flaws you will find in older copies. A movie made for the two actors, with very limited other roles, but all you need is seeing Hepburn and Bogart in a boat, clashing personalities on a mission in the splendid, perilious (this movie has been plagued by several real life problems!) Africa.

Sammo Premium member

Continuity mistake: In the scene where there is a terrific storm while Bogart and Hepburn are asleep, Bogart gets extremely wet before being invited into the shelter by Hepburn. Upon entering the shelter and lying down to sleep, Bogart's blanket is perfectly dry.

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Rose Sayer: Mr. Allnut! Mr. Allnut, you may come in out of the rain.

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