Someone Like You

Someone Like You (2001)

2 corrected entries

Corrected entry: When Jane buys the shirt for Ray, she actually takes it off the rack twice.

Correction: She doesn't. She is about to pick one shirt up, then quickly puts it back on the rack, and it's very clear she picks another one up - she just does it quickly, that's all.


Corrected entry: When Eddie (Hugh Jackman) tries to convince Jane (Ashley Judd) to show him some cheerleading moves, he says he'll throw three dumplings left-handed in a row in the trashcan. Well, this is an unfair bet because Hugh Jackman is left-handed. This can be proven though some scenes such as during the New Years scene. He writes down the address he is going to be at with his left hand.

Correction: Jane may not have known he was left handed. He wanted her to do the cheerleading moves, so he wanted to win his bet so he said left instead of right handed, because he didn't want to be fair.



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