Someone Like You

Continuity mistake: When Jackman and Judd are fighting about her going back to her ex-boyfriend, Jackman is standing next to light switches. One of them changes from up, to half way down, and up again.

Continuity mistake: When in the hospital, Jane is rubbing her sister's back. Depending on the angle, her sister's left arm is either behind her back or crossed in front of her, while Jane's arm switches from being in between the two sisters to rubbing her sister's back.

Continuity mistake: When Ashley Judd is telling her friend on the street that she might be having second thoughts about going back to Gregg Kinnear, the shot goes back and forth between the two actors. Watch the double purse strap on Ashley's shoulder. When she is facing the camera, both are up, when the camera is on the friend, one is halfway down her arm.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Ashley Judd and Hugh Jackman wake up together in her bed, her left shirt sleeve is rolled up. After she falls to the floor and jumps into the chair beside the bed, her shirt sleeve is down. The camera shoots her, then him, then back to her and with each camera change the shirt sleeve is different.

Continuity mistake: Both Eddie and Jane cannot sleep. They end up in the kitchen eating Chinese food. At one angle, Eddie is feeding Jane holding the noodles in his left hand, then the camera changes angles and suddenly the noodles are in Eddie's right hand.

Continuity mistake: In the meeting just after Ashley Judd has worked out that "D" is Diane, Diane asks her where they stand. In the wide shot both her hands are in her lap, but when we cut to a closer shot suddenly she's fanning herself with a bit of paper that's come from nowhere.

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Continuity mistake: At one point, after Jane finds out that Diane is "D", they are in Diane's office for a meeting. For one camera angle, Diane is leaning back in her chair with her feet up on her desk. The next shot shows Diane, feet on the floor, seated up to her desk. Again the angle changes and Diane is "kicked back" again.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Jane is in Liz's apartment and Liz is talking about her cheating boyfriend, Jane is wearing the same outfit and has the same hair style as the day before when she went to the doctor.

Continuity mistake: When Jane and Liz are in the diner at breakfast, Jane's plate from one angle has eggs on it, and from the other angle does not. The view switches back and forth during the conversation and so the meal on her plate keeps changing.

Continuity mistake: After Jane and Eddie sleep together,and she's in the chair, each time the camera comes back to Jane she has a different hair-style. First sleep-mussed, then smooth,etc.

Continuity mistake: In the final scene where Jane is chasing Eddie's cab, in slow motion you can see that Jane is wearing white sneakers instead of the black high-heeled boots she was wearing earlier. When she finally catches up to the cab and steps in front of it, she's back to wearing the black high-heeled boots.

Continuity mistake: In Eddie's loft apartment when Jane goes to the bathroom a woman Eddie met at the bar comes out and Jane's arms switch back and forth from being in front of her body with a hand on her chin, to behind her back with her hands interlaced.

Continuity mistake: After Judd has finished her cheerleading demonstration she goes to shake hands with the woman who comes out of Jackman's bedroom. As she approaches the woman, both paper towels that she was using as pom-poms are in her left hand. When she actually shakes hands with the woman, one of the paper towels is in her right hand.

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Eddie: These are people not cows.

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