Fist Of Legend

Fist Of Legend (1994)


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Fumio Funakoshi: What style is that?
Chen Zhen: Don't ask! if it works, it's a good one.

Chen Zhen: The object of matching is to beat down the opponent.
Fumio Funakoshi: Wrong kid, the best way to beat the opponent is to use a gun.

Continuity mistake: At the beginning of Chen Zen's trial there is a shot of the guards closing the courtroom doors. Then there's a wide shot of the whole courtroom and the guards can be seen in the background closing the doors again. (00:41:01)

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Trivia: In the American dubbed version, Chen Zen goes back to Kyoto to be with Mitsuko at the end. In the original subtitled version, he continues to go around China fighting the Japanese.

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