The Devil's Advocate

Corrected entry: When Keanu Reeves is about to go see his father, he goes out into the empty street and looks back. There you see the shadow of a film crew member in the middle of the street. (01:56:05)

Correction: Kevin walks out of the hosptial, after talking to Pam, looks back and she is gone Before walking out into the middle of the street that is his shadow near the curb. I have watched this whole scene (until they cut to being in Milton's office) several times in slow-motion and there is never any other shadow but Kevin's.

Luna Negra

Corrected entry: During the fight scene that is supposedly taking place at Madison Square Garden, there are signs in both of the corners of the ring and up on the walls in the far background of the arena that say "Caesar's." This would indicate that this fight took place at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas.


Correction: I'm sure that there must be more than one 'Caesar's' in the world. Even if there isn't a Caesar's in Madison Gardens in the 'real world', this is a fictional film.

Corrected entry: What was Craig T. Nelson doing out on bail? A suspect in a triple murder would never be granted bail in any state.

Correction: Remember two things about Craig: 1) He's a billionaire so he could afford any bail that was set, 2) With this managing partner, the law firm is probably able to get almost anything accomplished.

Corrected entry: When Al Pacino places his finger in the holy water at the church, you can see the hole that the air comes through to make the water bubble for a split second in the bottom of the bowl. It looks like a small black speck.

Correction: The effect was staged by dropping shavings of dry ice into the water. The 'black speck' you see is part of the plughole of the font (How do you think they drain the water out?).

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