The Legend of 1900

Max is a retired trumpet player, trying to sell his old instrument in a shop and ends up telling the tale of his best friend, Danny. Born on a ship at the start of the new century, Danny(1990)is taken in by a ship crew and was raised as his own son. After his stepfather died from an accident below deck, Danny is entranced by the sound of piano playing during an evening party. Late that night, the crew and the passengers are dumbfounded to hear Danny playing the piano effortlessly. And there, his career started as 1900, the legendary piano virtuosso, who has never ever set foot on dry land.

Factual error: In the opening narrative about the first person to call out "America", as the ship passes the Statue of Liberty, it's traveling in the wrong direction - with the Statue entering the screen from the viewer's left and moving toward the right; a direction that would have taken the ship from Manhattan to Staten Island (or through the Straits into the Atlantic).

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1900: Take piano: keys begin, keys end. You know there are 88 of them. Nobody can tell you any different. They are not infinite. You're infinite... And on those keys, the music that you can make... is infinite. I like that. That I can live by.

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