Seven Samurai
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Kambei Shimada: Danger always strikes when everything seems fine.

Kikuchiyo: Use your balls, if you've got any.

Gorobei Katayama: I'm with you. But I have to say that although I understand the farmers' suffering and understand why you would take up their cause, it's your character that I find most compelling. In life one finds friends in the strangest places.

Kambei Shimada: This is the nature of war: By protecting others, you save yourselves. If you only think of yourself, you'll only destroy yourself.

Gorobei Katayama: The threshing's done and still no bandits. Everyone's saying they might not come after all.
Kambei Shimada: A tempting thought. When you think you're safe is precisely when you're most vulnerable.

Kikuchiyo: Don't mess with me. I may look like hell, but I'm a real samurai.

Kikuchiyo: This baby... It's me... It's what happened to me.

Kambei Shimada: Go to the north. The decisive battle will be fought there.
Gorobei Katayama: Why didn't you build a fence there?
Kambei Shimada: A good fort needs a gap. The enemy must be lured in. So we can attack them. If we only defend, we lose the war.

Kikuchiyo: You fool! Damn you! You call yourself a horse! For shame! Hey! Wait! Please! I apologize! Forgive me.

Kikuchiyo: You there, chewing your cud. Can you cut that out? This isn't a cow shed.

Kikuchiyo: You again! I see that bald head of yours in my dreams.

Kyuzo: Don't you see? A real sword will kill you.

Heihachi Hayashida: Actually, kids work harder than adults. But only if you treat them like adults.

Shichiroji: That bandit said their fort.
Kyuzo: It's hardly a fort.
Kikuchiyo: It's full of holes, like Yohei's underwear.

Kikuchiyo: Got a problem, gramps?
Gisaku: Nope. All's well now.

Farmer Manzo: Consider who we're dealing with here. Give a wolf a taste of your leg and he'll ask for your hand.

Gisaku: Find hungry samurai. Even bears come down from the mountains when they are hungry.

Kikuchiyo: You all make great scarecrows. Problem is, the enemy isn't a bunch of sparrows and crows.

Kambei Shimada: Train yourself, distinguish yourself in war... But time flies. Before your dream materializes, you get gray hair. By that time your parents and friends are dead and gone.

Factual error: Toshiro Mifune's character, Kikuchiyo, travels to the bandits' camp and steals one of their two remaining fuselock muskets. Shortly afterward, the bandits fire twice at the samurai within five seconds with their last firearm. A fuselock takes as much as two minutes to reload, prime, and fire.

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Trivia: In some instances in the film, such as when Gorobei kills the bandit who was checking the water level with an arrow, the actors were actually shot with real arrows. The actor would simply wear a block of wood under his costume (which you can see if you know what to look for) and an expert archer would actually shoot him.

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