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Corrected entry: After Lelaina gets in the fight with Troy, Vicki says that her and Lelaina need to go for a walk, and they leave without telling anyone where they are going. They end up going to a diner, where Lelaina mysteriously gets a phone call from her boyfriend, who's out of state. The phone call was made to the diner's personal phone and not to a cell phone. How did her boyfriend know where she was going to be? And even if he knew she was going to be at the diner it's not like he would have had the number anyways, being that he is out of state.

Correction: I think this might be the diner we see Troy and Lelaina in during the film, so it's probably a regular hangout for them; Michael probably called the house and (most likely) Sammy told him to try the diner (Sammy would have a local phone book).


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Troy Dyer: I've wanted you like this for all these years.

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Question: Can anyone explain to me the game everyone is playing in the scene where Michael comes to pick Lanie up for their first date? He obviously understood it and made suggestions but I can't figure out what they are doing.


Chosen answer: It's a drinking game and can be played with just about any kind of list. You go in a circle and name off parts of the list, ie. in the movie they are naming Good Times plots. When it's your turn you have to name one or you have to do a shot of liquor.

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