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Corrected entry: When the bees start coming out of Candyman's mouth and when Candyman leans down to kiss Helen with the bees in his mouth, both actors are dummies some of the time and themselves some of the time, they come and go.


Correction: The scene was shot for real with actors Tony Todd (Candyman) and Virginia Madsen (Helen), using actual bees. (The only "effect" involved was the use of a hidden mouth-guard for Tony Todd so that the bees would not go down his throat.) No dummies were used during the scene. In every shot, you can see some movement in the actor's faces (sometimes very subtle movements like eyes wincing slightly or cheeks moving), further proving this was done for real with the actors.

Corrected entry: Although "Candyman" is the title character, he does not appear until 44 minutes into the film.

Correction: He actually appears earlier in the film - he's seen in the story that's told about the girl being killed. I believe that scene is in the first 10 minutes of the movie. He's only visible onscreen for about a second, but he's definitely there. His voice is also heard in the very first scene.


Corrected entry: When Helen is in the hospital and the doctor calls for an injection to calm her down, the nurse comes in and sticks the needle in her arm but doesn't actually push down on the plunger. The needle is in her arm for about a second.


Correction: Actually the plunger does get pushed, it's just extremely quick.

Corrected entry: When Candyman first meets Virginia Madsen in the parking garage, he is giving a large amount of dialogue, however if you look closely, his mouth is not moving until he steps in the light.


Correction: That's because he is a paranormal being; he has a certain degree of telepathic powers, and his voiceover is heard for the sake of the audience.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Dr. Burke is with Helen, you'll see that he isn't saying anything right before he's killed because he, obviously, is holding the fake blood in his mouth, waiting to spit it out when he gets killed.

Correction: Choosing not to speak for a little while is a character decision, and not a movie mistake. Helen has just done something very unexpected (calling for a folkloric figure), and the doctor is not quite sure what to make of it, so he keeps silent for a while.


Corrected entry: When Virginia Madsen is reviewing her second set of slides from the Cabrini-Green she zooms in on a picture which shows the reflection of the Candyman. She does this by adjusting the focus on the lens of the slide projector. The focus on the lens of the projector would not provide zoom capability.

Correction: She only brings the picture into focus to see the image. The zoom is not her doing it, but rather the film's camera zooming in to give the viewer a closer look at what she saw behind her in the slide.


Corrected entry: In the flashback scene when the little boy is getting murdered in the public bathroom, you'll notice that while he's lying on the bathroom floor screaming his head off, his mouth is actually completely shut.

Correction: The scream is coming from the person (or people) who found him, not the boy himself.

Corrected entry: If Purcell knew all about Candyman, that he even wrote a book about him, why didn't he tell Helen about saying his name in the mirror and what would happen? Why didn't he come to her aid when all the weird things started happening to her? He should've known all about that.

Correction: Helen heard about what would happen if the Candymans name was said in front of a mirror from someone else. Purcell wouldn't have been able to help Helen because to Purcell it's only a story and could never happen. Even when Helen tried to tell other people about the Candyman actually existing they all thought that she was crazy. Purcell would be no exception.

Corrected entry: When Candyman is in Helen's house, he digs his hook into Helen's neck obviously hitting her carotid artery. She would've either bled to death or caught a huge infection because when the cops arrived, they didn't even treat the deep wound. However, one month later, the huge wound is gone, not even with the trace of a scar. Definitely impossible.

Correction: No more impossible than a flying psychopathic reincarnated ghost of a slave come back to a world where only Helen can see him to exact his revenge on innocent victims. Incidents involving Candyman all have some sort of paranormal type activity to them, just like him not appearing in the hospital video of Helen's room.

Continuity mistake: The first time Helen is at Cabrini Green and she goes through the medicine cabinet into the other apartment she has to actually crawl through the small opening in the wall where the medicine cabinet is, but when she goes back at the end to find the baby the hole in the wall has grown considerably, she just crouches and walks right through.


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Suggested correction: The hole became bigger because the Candyman is there now. Do you expect him to crawl?

I don't expect him to have to go through the opening at all since he is the Candyman. He can get into places without walking through a physical opening.


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Trivia: Part of the film was actually shot at the infamous Cabrini-Green housing projects. The crew had to pay off members of local street-gangs in order to maintain a peaceful shoot. (Although allegedly, one bullet was fired at a production vehicle during photography).

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Question: I'm confused by the ending. Did Helen herself become just like Candyman, was it really Candyman using Helen's body, or did Helen simply decide to make a brief return from the dead to make her husband pay for his betrayal?

Gavin Jackson

Chosen answer: It's a bit ambiguous, but just as Candyman became a tortured soul who suffered a painful and unjust death, to too did Helen.

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