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Factual error: Adam, who was not born of a woman and who would have no need for an umbilical cord, has a navel. (00:09:45)

Revealing mistake: When Abram and Lot journey out into the wilderness, we see a beautiful, sweeping, panoramic crane shot of their entourage - and there are several prominently visible tire tracks all over the desert floor. (01:30:30)

Jean G

Visible crew/equipment: In one scene of the movie the camera is panning across the country side with the narrator speaking. As the camera passes a clump of bushes a member from the set crew is crouched over and squatting behind the bushes.

Revealing mistake: Noah plays a bone flute to lure the animals into the ark. But although he's moving his fingers and pretending to vary the notes, there are no pitch holes drilled anywhere on the instrument. (00:50:15)

Jean G

Factual error: The narrator recites that the dove "came in unto Noah in the evening". But the footage depicting this event wasn't shot in the evening. The sun is high in a very bright, blue sky. (01:16:20)

Jean G

Factual error: Abram's wife Sarai sends her maidservant Hagar to visit with Abram. As Hagar walks away with her back to the camera, a zipper can be seen on the back of her dress. Needless to say, zippers did not exist in biblical times. (01:49:40)


Other mistake: Adam and Eve just took a bite from the apple, a few short seconds later, a car is driving slowly in the background.

God: What hast thou done?
Eve: The serpent beguiled me and I did eat.

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