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Corrected entry: In the concluding moments of the film (and during the closing credits) the police officers and detectives investigating the murder act rather strangely. After the victim's car is dragged out of the swamp, even though they now know that the body is in the car's trunk, no one bothers to open the trunk. No one even pays much attention to the car. The tow truck just hauls the vehicle away with the body still crumpled up inside. The car is pulled out of shot for a moment, but it's not a long enough period of time for the trunk to have been opened or for the body to have been removed. This may simply be a very poorly run police force. Most police operations would have remained on the scene for hours more and a coroner would have been present.

Professor Zed

Correction: You just answered your own mistake. This may have been a poorly run police force. On the other hand, knowing the body is in the trunk, it would be easier to take the car to the forensics lab intact, rather than taking the body out of the crime scene, and possibly destroying evidence.


Corrected entry: When Norman is putting Marion's body in the trunk of the car, it's almost dawn, but, when he's sinking the car in the swamp it's late night again.

Correction: I actually thought it was a mistake too, until I realized that Norman didn't turn off the blue neon lights. Dawn starts after the car is thrown in te water.

Corrected entry: After Marion is stabbed in the shower at Bates' Motel, she slides down the wall inside the bathtub As her shoulder moves, the wall has blood on it behind her. In the next sequence, when she falls over, the blood is not on the wall anymore.

Correction: As Marion slides down towards the floor, you can see the blood being washed away as the water keeps falling from the shower head, so by the time Marion falls dead onto the floor, it is gone.

Correction: This was because Gus Van Sant tried to repeat shot for shot the original movie; in the original there is no blood on the knife in between stabbings during the shower seen.

Corrected entry: When Norman is getting ready to push the car into the swamp, the car's left taillight is already halfway filled with water.

Correction: Doesn't mean much. My car has never been underwater, but the right signal light housing fills with water when it rains.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Anne Heche goes to take a shower, she gets into the stall and immediately turns the shower on. What's amazing is that it's the right temperature right as she turns it on. Guess the Bates Motel has really good showers.


Correction: She actually ran the water a bit first, and even if she didn't it is possible for the water temperature to be decently comfortable for her right away.

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Trivia: When Arbogast enters Norman's house and scans his surroundings there is a statue of an angel casting a shadow that resembles someone stabbing.

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Question: When private investigator Milton Arbogast is attacked on the stairway, this film inserts two non sequitur pieces of footage right in the middle of the attack sequence: Just as Arbogast's face is slashed twice, a shot of a virtually-nude woman wearing a sleep-mask is inserted for a split-second, followed a moment later by a split-second insert of what appears to be a small calf standing in the middle of a road in a rainstorm. What is the meaning of those two inserts?

Charles Austin Miller

Answer: His life flashing before his eyes? Snapshots of Norman's fractured psyche? The director's vision?

Alan Keddie

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