Continuity mistake: Near the end of the season there is a scene where Roger is talking on the phone to his wife, who's at home. Her phone, however, has the clip-in detachable phone cord going into the handset - something that wasn't yet invented or common in the household.

Continuity mistake: In game 154 in Baltimore where Maris needs 2 home runs to tie Babe Ruth's record, he comes to bat in the 2nd inning. The scoreboard shows that the Yankees have scored 1 run in the inning. Later in the game when Wilhelm comes in to pitch, the scoreboard shows that no runs were scored by the Yankees in the 2nd inning.

Continuity mistake: When they are showing clips of Roger Maris in the field, a ball is hit to RF. Roger makes a play on the ball and makes a "great throw" to second. The next shot shows the SS take the throw from "RF" and tag out the runner. The direction of the throw and runner shows the throw came from the catcher, not the outfield.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle are being interviewed right after Frick rules about the separate records, Maris throws the ball, then turns to talk to one of the interviewers, and when he is done talking he throws the ball again. The ball was never thrown back to him in between.

Continuity mistake: In the lounge scene Mickey Mantle is drinking what looks like a gin and tonic, but after Bob Cerv tells everyone Joe DiMaggio is throwing the first ball tommorow, Mickey leaves the table to 'get a real drink' - he now has a beer in his hand.

Factual error: The third member of the Yankees with a prominent role in the film is Bob Cerv (roommate of Mickey & Roger). In the film, he is with the team from Opening Day. However, Cerv was actually acquired by the Yankees in May of that year.

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Bob Sheppard: Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to Yankee Stadium.

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Trivia: For his role as Whitey Ford, rather than having to learn to pitch left-handed, right-handed Anthony Michael Hall wore his uniform number and logo backwards; the image was then flipped.

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Question: Mickey Mantle was on a home run streak that year and then got hurt. I am just curious to know, if Mickey Mantle had been the one to break the record, if there would be such an uproar over it.

Answer: Probably not. Mantle was loved by the fans and the sports writers, plus he was a good layer. Maris never really had a good season before, or after, so a lot of people did not think he deserved to be the one to break the record.


Answer: Actually Maris was MVP the previous year, 1960.

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