Breaking the Waves

Continuity mistake: When Bess waits for Jan to arrive by helicopter there are some long strands hanging over her face. The camera cuts briefly to the helicopter and back to Bess, and the strands are gone.



Continuity mistake: When Bess goes to the ship the first time one of the men cuts across the back of her blouse, starting from the right shoulder. In all later shots the cut starts at the left shoulder.



Continuity mistake: During Jan's birthday celebration the way his pillows are arranged and the postcard is fixed on the wall behind his bed change back and forth.



Continuity mistake: When the paralyzed Jan tries to commit suicide he holds the pill jar between his left arm and the back of his right hand. When it cuts to a close-up he pushes his right knuckles against the jar.



Continuity mistake: When Bess' capability of getting married is being examined by the elders, the collar of her shawl is folded up and her shawl is wrapped around it. When she is sent out the collar is down and the shawl is wrapped around her neck.



Continuity mistake: In the accident scene on the oil rig, the oil fountain stops completely in the shot where Jan lifts up his friend.



Continuity mistake: When Bess waits at the phone booth for Jan's call Dodo comes by on a bike. She stops and pushes her hood back a little, but when the camera angle changes the hood is down all the way.



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