Drive Me Crazy

Drive Me Crazy (1999)


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Dave: Why are we doing this?
Chase: As a protest.
Dave: Of what?
Ray: People, right?
Chase: Sheep.
Ray: Check, Dave. We're doing this to protest sheep.
Dave: And what specifically about sheep do we object to?
Ray: Chase?
Chase: General herding mentality.

Sue Ryan: It's easy to be a bitch now that Brad Seldon's available.
Nicole: It's easy to be a bitch either way.

Dave: Hey, I finally downloaded the original Space Invaders. I'm talking quality 1981 graphics here.

Nicole: Prince charming is a dick, bring on the frogs.
Chase: Ribbit.

Mr. Hammond: Are you stoned? You can tell me you know, I'd be cool.
Chase: Yeah I know you'd be cool.
Mr. Hammond: What is that supposed to mean?
Chase: It means I've read your yearbook. "Onward through the fog. Light up and party, have sex be free. We're the class of '73."
Mr. Hammond: Are you stoned?
Chase: Dad, until you come in here and you see a black light and a felt Led Zepplin poster, rest easy.

Chase: I was hoping I could ask to cut in.
Nicole: Well Ray left, but it's okay with me... I bet you can still catch him if you hurry.
Chase: Actually I wanted to dance with you.

Alicia DeGasario: Nicole, I'm honestly sorry about how things worked out. I really thought Brad was gonna ask you.
Nicole: He did. But I already had a date. He was bummed, so I let him know you were easy.

Dave: We used to be your friends, if you can remember that far back.
Chase: You know what I remember, Dave? I remember you cleaning out Eddie Lampell's locker because he said he'd be your friend.
Dave: I did the guy a favor.
Chase: I remember you buying Alicia Digressatio at the Student Council Auction last year, and then letting her spend the whole day with her boyfriend.
Dave: Do you have a point?
Dave: Yeah, my point is Dave, you're not mad at me. You're jealous.

Dee Vine: Sorry, Dave. I would've driven him home, but I can't drive his car. It's a stick.
Eddie Lampell: Well, I'll show you how to drive a stick right now. Here it is. Come on.
Dee Vine: I meant a real car, Eddie, not a matchbox.

Nicole: Who are we making jealous?
Chase: Everyone Nicole... everyone.

Nicole: Its called an easy-out-clause because its supposed to be easy.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Alicia comes out of the bathroom at the drive-up restaurant and seduces Brad, throughout the scene a piece of Brad's hair goes from being on his face to being fixed.


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