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Drive Me Crazy (1999)

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Corrected entry: When Chase walks up to Nicole and Ray at school weaing his leather jacket it is zipped up. But when the shot goes back to him 2 seconds later it is unzipped.

Correction: You can hear him unzipping his jacket.

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the ball, when Nicole and Ray are talking , Nicole has a pair of studs and some loops in her ears. When she is with Chase at the end of the evening, she only has a pair of studs in.

Correction: It is fair to say that she took the hoops out later to get more comfortable on the way home. I myself have done the same after a long night.

Corrected entry: When Nicole is talking on the phone about wearing her mum's red halter it shows a picture of the top and it is at least long enough to reach her belly button but when we see Nicole in the top it is much shorter.

Correction: The halter in the picture on the mirror is from a magazine, that doesn't mean that she has the exact halter, it just gives her the idea.

Other mistake: When Nicole is on "Wake up Time Zone" talking about Centennial her hair is almost to her shoulders. As you see her watching it in home room, it is much shorter.

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Dave: Why are we doing this?
Chase: As a protest.
Dave: Of what?
Ray: People, right?
Chase: Sheep.
Ray: Check, Dave. We're doing this to protest sheep.
Dave: And what specifically about sheep do we object to?
Ray: Chase?
Chase: General herding mentality.

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