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The Glass House (2001)

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Corrected entry: When Ruby steals the car at night, she passes through the glass gate breaking it. Later on the film (the next day) we can see that the glass gate is intact.

Correction: Since we don't know how early or late Ruby wakes up, nor do we know what time Terry returns, it is possible that a man with his sort of connections and money-spending habits to have his glass gate fixed in less than a day. It also makes sense that he would get it fixed as soon as possible because he and his wife try to cover up everything unusual in their lives, in case there is someone watching or another unsuspected visit.

Correction: It wasn't the next day. She had been passed out for some time because they were drugging her. They even ran out of medication. Her brother lays beside her and says 'all you do is sleep and it scares me." If she had only slept until the next day, I'm sure her brother wouldn't have made that comment.

Corrected entry: They never do explain how a guy like Mr. Glass can survive a car crash, break a pair of handcuffs and climb at least 250 feet in the end of the movie.

Correction: First he was not handcuffed, but his hands were taped which could easily been torn apart during the crash. Furthermore why do some people survive a crash and the people right next to them not? It's just (bad) luck. And I believe he was so full of hate that this could keep him going.

Corrected entry: When Ruby is taking a nightswim, Terry arrives in a long black pair of pants. In the next shot when he re-enters the house he wears a short pair.

Correction: He is wearing short boxer shorts through the entire scene. Not once do we see him in long black pants.

Correction: He had on long black lounge pants the entire time.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Ruby drops the knife inside the garage after we have seen the Volvo's tyres are slashed, where was she hiding the knife previously? Just before this scene, she is seen clutching Rhett with both hands to keep him quiet and she had no pockets that would allow for a knife to fit in her PJ's.

Correction: Ruby told Rhett to wait there, while she left to cut the tires. She could have easily picked up a knife on her way to the garage.


Corrected entry: In the scene where the child services woman is checking the house she finds insulin in the medicine cabinet and Diane Lane explains that she had Type I diababetes. All insulin variants must be kept at 4 degrees because they degrade at room temerature.

Correction: We later learn that Diane Lane is a morphine addict, and that was morphine she was shooting up. She may have confiscated the insulin from her job as a cover and just put it there with the possibility that the child services lady would not know all that much about diabetes (which she didn't, obviously.)

Corrected entry: During the scene where the two guys come in and attack Terry for their money, they take him away in his Jaguar. When they leave the trunk is wide open, but the next time they show the car the trunk is shut.

Correction: It's the top going up on the convertible - when they leave, the top is going up and the next time they show the car the top is all the way up.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Ruby and brother are driven to Terry's crash site the police cruiser changes from a 98 model to a 97 model. The vehicles headlights, front bumper and over all design are completely different.

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Question: When Ruby is talking to the woman from Child Services, she says "You're writing everything down, now everything will be written down twice". But when was the first time that stuff was written down?

Answer: The first time the information was written down was more than likely when Alvin Begleter (the trust attorney) initially contacted the Child Services rep, as it was through him that she found out about Ruby and Rhett's situation in the first place. At the time, the social worker would have written down what Mr. Begleter was telling her so that she could a) have something to refer to when she later visited Ruby and b) so that she could compare the two versions to make sure there were no discrepancies between the story she got from the attorney and the version from Ruby.

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