Phantasm II

Revealing mistake: As Reg fights with one of the baddies with the chainsaws, as the baddie take a swing with the chainsaw he misses and cuts into the wooden door. You can clearly see that a vertical cut has already been made in the wood though, to help the chainsaw get in and cut. (01:17:55)

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Revealing mistake: The grandfather in the coffin can be visibly breathing and blinking in some shots, especially in the scene where the Priest penetrates him with a knife. (00:30:20)

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Revealing mistake: When Liz hits the marble mausoleum wall, it wobbles like a cheap set wall. (01:12:45)

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Revealing mistake: When Chemy is dead on the table, and Mike goes over for a closer look, she isn't dead because you can see her breathing very carefully - her chest is lightly rising. (00:21:45)

Revealing mistake: In the mausoleum where the priest is killed, when the woman is thrown back she is too obviously on a wire. She goes up at an angle, bounces off the wall still flies up for a second. If you look very closely, you can actually see the harness stings briefly. (00:53:30)

Continuity mistake: When Reg and Mike break into the hardware store for tools, the items in the trolley keep on changing from shot to shot, and also change position too. (00:14:10)

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Reggie: Come on. Lets go kick some ass.

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Trivia: The highest-budgeted film of the entire "Phantasm" series. It was also the final entry in the series to be released in theaters.

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