Stalag 17

Trivia: In the scene were Blondie is using the radio, the message he is intercepting is about the Battle of the Bulge.

Trivia: At the Christmas party, the POW singing "I Love You" is Ross Bagdasarian, who under his stage name David Seville, created Alvin and the Chipmunks.

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Trivia: Although it is difficult to tell for sure because the movie is in B&W it appears that the Commandant & guard staff are members of the Wehrmacht(regular army). Due to the extensive bombing campaign there was intense anger toward allied flyers many of whom were immediately killed upon capture; therefore POW camps containing fliers were guarded by the Luftwaffe(air force). It was felt fellow airman would be more empathic and treat the prisoners better.

Trivia: Charlton Heston was director Billy Wilder's original choice to play Sefton.

Trivia: Jay Lawrence's brother, Larry Storch, was one of the stars of the war TV series "F Troop."

Trivia: One of the actors in the movie was Edmund Trzcinski. He was actually an American POW in a German Stalag, and wrote a play based on his experiences there. From there, the movie was made, based on the play, and he was actually cast in a role, as himself, re-creating it for the silver screen.

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Trivia: When Stalag 17 was pitched to William Holden, he very nearly passed on the lead role of Sefton. After more talks, he took the part, and won his only Oscar.

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Trivia: There are two instances where a character breaks the "Fourth Wall." This is when a character looks directly at the camera, as if addressing the audience. The first is when Harry is threatened by Animal after the horse races. The second is when Trzcinski is reading his letter and the bearded man listening to him say "I believe it...I believe it!" looks up as the scene ends.

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Trivia: According to the audio commentary on the special edition DVD, William Holden felt he didn't deserve the Best Actor Oscar awarded to him, and that it should have gone to Burt Lancaster for From Here to Eternity. Holden's wife believed that his win was just belated recognition for his Oscar-nominated performance in Sunset Boulevard.

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Trivia: For Christmas, Animal and Harry give Joey a new ocarina, on behalf of the whole barrack. Earlier in the film, Animal can be seen whittling it out.

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Factual error: When Lt. Dunbar is being interrogated in the Commandant's office you can see a map on the far wall. It is a map of Germany dictated by the Treaty of Versailles which ended World War I because it shows E. Prussia separated from Germany and does not include the annexation of Austria and Czechoslovakia. These annexations were completed before the start of World War II in '39 and certainly before late '44, early '45 when the film took place. It is highly unlikely any German officer would have this map displayed not only because it's inaccurate but because it displayed the territorial losses brought on by the humiliating defeat of World War I.

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Duke: What'd you give the Krauts for that egg?
Sefton: Forty-five cigarettes. The price has gone up.
Duke: They wouldn't be the cigarettes you took us for last night?
Sefton: What was I going to do with them? I only smoke cigars.

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